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Are Mobile Phones Really Safe?

On the 26th of June 1996, Irish investigative journalist, Veronica Guerin was fatally shot as her car paused at a red traffic light on Dublin's Naas Road. Guerin, one time personal assistant to Irish Prime Minister Charlie Haughey had trained as an accountant before entering journalism, so she was well qualified to research the dealings of the drug gangs who had a fearsome reputation in Dublin's inner city. At her post-mortem they found severe burns in the region of Guerin's right ear. As a journalist she was a heavy user of the mobile phone. This posed some momentary questions about the safety of these devices.

The technology that made hand help mobiles possible was developed in the 1970s. Commercialization of the technology appeared in the 1980s and the expectation in the United Kingdom was skeptical with an anticipation of 10,000 of the devices selling worldwide. This figure was way off the mark. In 2006 worldwide shipments exceeded one billion; it was estimated in 2010 that there were 5.2 billion cell phones in operation on planet Earth. The calculated world population is just over 7 billion. It would therefore be safe to postulate that market penetration has been enormously successful. In some countries it exceeds 100%!

A mobile or cell phone is a small radio. They are called cell phones because for the radio to operate it has to broadcast its signal to cell towers. Most of the planet has been divided up into cells of approximately 10 square miles in radius. The different phone companies all have a "Mobile Telephone Switching Office" in every population area. It is from here the signal is fed to the numerous transmission towers that dot the landscape. The system works because every phone company has a specific five figure identification number called a SID. When a device is turned on regardless of whether you are making a call or not it is constantly picking up the SID that is being beamed from the nearest tower. The mobile phone company is also transmitting to your phone a signal on specific channels that it is programmed to tune into. In Thailand the situation is relatively lax but in some countries you have to register the phone with your personal details. That means the whereabouts of the user can be tracked.

With five billion sets worldwide; the mobile phone as an electrical device, emits photons creating an electromagnetic field. The electronic radiation is in the high frequency microwave range. In effect the caller is holding the equivalent of a microwave oven to the ear whilst chatting. No wonder Veronica Guerin had burn marks on the right side of her brain! Numerous studies have produced contradictory results, but many experts consider the risks related to phone usage to be very real indeed! The World Health Organization has categorized mobile phones into group 2b on the IRAC scale. This gives them the dubious tag of being "possibly carcinogenic". The report continued by saying that further research was required.

We live in a wireless saturated environment surrounded by modulated frequencies that are growing ever more complex due to the information that is being transmitted to mobile and smart phones as well as the all pervasive Wi-Fi network. The ensuing EMFs are largely untested, and nobody really knows what the effect of all this electronic smog is having on the human population. Olle Johannson of Stockholm's Karolinska Institute claims we are in the midst of "the largest full scale experiment ever." The question that remains to be answered is what happens when we allow ourselves to be whole body irradiated by new EMFS, 24 hours per day for the rest of our lives? Published media reviews are contradictory. Much of the research is carried out by the mobile phone industry and not surprisingly the results are skewed in their favor.

Already we know that the risk of getting a brain tumor on the side of the head where the phone is placed increases by 40% for adults. Even more disturbing data calculates the rate of getting a cancer increase fivefold for those who started using mobiles before the age of 20. In order to protect ourselves a little, it is better to limit cell phone use. Keep conversations brief and to the point. You can always use a landline for the longer and more personal calls. Or a better idea is to use a hands free connection, which means you do not have to hold a microwave device next to the head. Have you ever asked yourself why your ear grows hot after a long chat?

As far as the ever growing waves that penetrate our bodies, you can protect yourself by buying Q link pendants or orgonite protectors that are available locally. Oh, be sure to switch the Wi-Fi off overnight!

Alister Bredee
December 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scottish Doctor had a Cure for Cancer 100 years ago.

Scottish Doctor, John Beard had a Cure for Cancer 100 Years Ago!

Scottish Doctor, John Beard had a Cure for Cancer 100 Years Ago!

By Alister Bredee

Scottish embryologist, John Beard proposed as long ago as 1906 that pancreatic enzymes were the body's main bulwark against cancer. Having published "Enzyme Therapy of Cancer" in 1911,his work attracted a degree of medical attention until his death in 1923. These ideas then died away only to be occasionally awakened from their slumbers by complementary therapists looking for alternative and less intrusive treatments than those offered by the Medical mainstream.

In the 1960s Beard's work resurfaced in Texas, when a dentist named William Kelley started treating cancer sufferers with proteolytic enzymes. Kelley's treatments were highly controversial as they flew directly in the face of orthodox cancer medical care procedures that relied heavily on radiation treatment and chemotherapy. Thus he was castigated by the media and hassled by the authorities.

New York physician and ex-Cornell Medical School graduate Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez met the Texas dentist in 1981. Instead of confronting a demon as portrayed by the press, he met a self-effacing man who like Royal Rife before him only wanted his work to be evaluated by the Academic World of Medicine. Gonzalez thought this to be a reasonable request and set out to do something about it. Although a mere medical student at the time he elicited the help of the then Sloan Kettering President, Robert Good. Good supported Gonzalez in his quest and he was allowed to conduct a thorough case review of Kelley's work as part of his own medical studies.

Nicholas Gonzalez reviewed 10,000 patient records; He interviewed and evaluated 500 of Kelley's patients who had all been diagnosed with advanced cancers. He summarized his findings in a monograph completed in 1986. His overall conclusion was that Kelley's treatment procedure resulted in an above average survival rate, with many of the sufferers enjoying an apparent regression of their disease.

In a separate chapter he took 22 pancreatic cancer patients; this form of cancer has a very low survival rate. Statistically speaking there is a 0% likelihood of surviving 5 years.

Twelve of these patients visited only once and then were persuaded to quit treatment due to the negative reactions of friends, family and physicians who branded Kelley as a charlatan. These he took as his control group. They demonstrated an average survival rate of 67 days. Another 7 members of the control only partially followed the Kelley treatment. They displayed a survival ratio of approximately 7 months. However, and much more interestingly those who followed the treatment to the letter lived for an average of a stunning 9 years! This example serves as good demonstration of the folly of following the well-intentioned yet prejudiced advice of other people!

Nicholas Gonzalez is continuing work using these protocols dating back at least 100 years and hopes to be able to raise the interest and or money to have a full-scale scientific review conducted on the effectiveness of the enzyme treatment of cancer. The price of enzyme therapy comes out at between $5,000 and $6,000 per year, which in itself is a fraction of the cost of conventional medical care.

Alister Bredee is a freelance author specializing in articles on health related topics. He is also a health care practitioner and trainer. He is a senior partner in Health Ambit Consultancy and is available for consultations. He currently lives in Thailand and can be contacted via his website: He publishes a regular blog and can also be contacted via Skype where his address is alisterbredee.
His work is unique and he has many satisfied clients worldwide. See the website for more details.

Article Source:,-John-Beard-had-a-Cure-for-Cancer-100-Years-Ago!&id=170539

Saturday, December 10, 2011

“The Cooking Oils War”.

"You would have to be blind not to notice the number of coconut palms on Koh Samui. In fact the same has to be said for the remainder of Thailand. Samui has been dubbed “the coconut capital’ of the country because it sends more than 2,000,000 nuts to Bangkok each month.

The ubiquitous coconut has played a healthy role in the staple diet of tropical dwellers for as long as time itself. In 1939 an American dentist called Dr. Weston A. Price published a book called “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,” His thesis was that the standard American diet high in sugars and flour caused nutritional deficiencies that were the root cause of poor dental health. In order to write his book he travelled the world examining the teeth of people in what were considered to be more primitive cultures who had not been exposed to poor American eating habits. He went to the South Pacific and found island inhabitants eating a staple diet built around coconuts. These people enjoyed overall good health and had reasonable body fat in spite of a diet high in saturated fat. A further study releasing similar findings from the same area was published in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in 1981.

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 so beginning the US participation in World War 11. They invaded the Pacific islands and occupied coconut growing areas like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Prior to hostilities these countries had exported their products to the West where coconuts had played an important role in food production. Suddenly this supply ceased and the producers had to look for substitutes. This was how the polyunsaturated oil story began!

Soya beans had been introduced to the USA from China as long ago as 1770. The product was used at first as animal feed, but in 1904 the noted scientist George Washington Carver noticed the beans had high protein content making them suitable fodder for humans. In spite of Henry Ford’s effort to make a car from soya beans, production did not really take off until the war years. Soya oil became a major substitute for the tropical saturated varieties. The Soya Bean Growers of America invested a lot of money in this crop and when the war ended they were not happy to see their industry dwindle because of the re-importation of coconuts and palm oil. The Association hired a powerful public relations company whose job it was to extol the virtues of soya and denigrate the benefits of coconuts. Soya became a health product and coconut was portrayed as a danger to heart health. The largest producer of Soya beans was the United States!

In the 1950s the medical profession was spurred on by this propaganda to claim that saturated fats like coconut oil were the main cause of heart disease because they stimulated the production of cholesterol, whilst polyunsaturated oils like sunflower, soya, corn, sunflower and Canola worked to protect the body from the ravages of LDL, otherwise known as “bad” cholesterol. This was blatantly untrue, but the world came to believe the spin put forward by the Soya Producers and their allies. Saturated fats were demonized and cast aside!

Coconut Oil contains medium –chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Most other vegetable and seed oils are composed of long-chain fatty acids. These LCFAs are difficult to digest; they stress the digestive system and put additional pressure on the liver and pancreas. As they don’t break down easily excess is stored as body fat, thus perpetrating another myth that all fats make you fat! Conversely the MCFAs contained in coconut oil are considerably healthier because they are smaller and can be digested easily. They go directly to the liver where they are released as energy; there is no need for them to be stored as body fat. Experts have found that coconut oil stimulates the body’s metabolism and supports blood sugar levels. This results in weight loss and not gain!

Frying is not the healthiest way of preparing food. It is dangerous because it destroys the anti-oxidants present in the oils. This oxidizes it making it rancid. Olive oil is monounsaturated. It is a healthful oil which is great for preparing salads but has a low burning point that causes it to smoke at relatively low temperatures. This means it is unsuitable for frying. The one oil that resists heat induced damage is coconut. Use this instead; throw out all the other oils and start cooking with extra virgin coconut oil which is plentifully available on Koh Samui. The brownish heat treated versions are usually rancid, avoid them for cooking but go instead for the clear, clean smelling variety sold by many shops. Please note that frying oil should not be re-used. Once it has been heated toss it out and use a fresh batch for the next cooking foray."

This article by Alister Bredee first appeared in the "Samui Gazette" of December 14th 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Great Garbage Dump in the Sea

"The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” was discovered accidentally by yachtsman Charles Moore and his crew, who decided to take a shortcut back home to California, after competing in a sailing race to Hawaii. Their 1997 shortcut took them into an area of the North Pacific known as the “doldrums”. This region of high atmospheric pressure has been historically avoided by mariners because it is renowned for a lack of wind that becalmed sailing ships. It is a zone where many maritime currents converge, creating a slow vortex. This whirlpool effect sucks floating filth from the landmasses forming the Pacific Rim.

Moore discovered an enormous floating accumulation, that some have calculated to be the size of France, of non-biodegradable material, most of which is plastic. It comprises shopping bags, water bottles, polystyrene containers and much more. Just walk down any beach in Koh Samui after a patch of rough weather to view a similar assortment.

Plastic is a by product of the oil industry,where heavier cuts of crude are used to make “nodules’ that are melted down to make plastic products. It does not break down easily, but will decompose to make smaller flakes due to heat and light. These tiny chips are quickly unidentifiable. Scientists tell us that it will take up to 450 years for these particles to bio-degrade. The plastic in the Pacific has accumulated to a depth of 10 meters and has a cumulative weight in excess of 300 million tons. It sits in the ocean polluting the water and killing marine life at a truly alarming rate. Experts claim that a similar pile sits in the South Pacific off Easter Island and an alike mound wallows in the Atlantic.

Ireland was one of the first countries to register awareness of this growing catastrophe. Plastic bags were first introduced by the Supermarkets in the 1960s. Today 260 million tons of plastic products appear annually and bags make up a significant proportion of this total. As a result Ireland introduced legislation requiring the supermarkets to charge 13 Euro cents per bag. This swiftly deterred customers from acquiring the bags: the canny Irish swiftly brought their own reusable cloth carriers to the stores. This made a significant difference to the number of bags blowing in the wind! Other European countries have followed this example and this has seen a drop in the amount of plastic produced worldwide.

The production of bottled drinking water was a trend that began in the late 1980s and now sees more than 200 billion litres of bottled water sold annually. Most of this appears in plastic. This leaches into the water creating pcbs which reduce the pH of the water from a healthy 7 to much more acidic levels, sometimes lower than pH 6. This must have an affect on the health of the population! All of this, however, begs the question what can we do as concerned individuals to help reduce this horrendous problem?

Recent pictures of receding floods in Thailand show mounds of rubbish, most of it plastic, beginning to appear where water once stood. Klongs have been clogged by this material, which has blocked important drainage channels, thus worsening the extent of the floods.

The first thing to do is to stop taking the plastic bags offered by supermarkets and convenience stores. Andy Batts is an expert in recycling. He collects everything he can. He says there is “a recycling depot on the Ring Road, opposite the Bophut Fresh Market. You will find it on the left hand side of the road behind white gates.”
“There is a similar establishment in Nathon. These facilities accept what is considered to be re-cyclable waste and pay for it. Two kilos of plastic bottles sell for 9 THB. There are many Thais who earn their living by collecting these materials which they sell to the dumps.”

The biggest manufacturer of plastic product in the world is China. The Chinese are very happy to buy this waste back from other countries. This helps them reduce the consumption of raw materials and thus keeps their costs down.

We can all help this valuable cycle either by taking stuff to the dumps, or more importantly by aiding those who use this system to make a living. Place your re-cyclable materials like aluminum cans, plastic bottles and even newspapers in bags separate from organic waste. Leave these beside the rubbish bins so the collectors can find them easily. If you meet the collectors who often come round using motorcycle and sidecars, invite them to come and pick up from your home. If done properly this can help everybody and make a few small steps to protect the environment. Oh, be sure to buy bio-degradable black bags from the Supermarket!
This article first appeared in the Samui Gazette

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keep Your Blood Sugar in Range:

"Blood sugar testing is performed to check the amount of glucose that is in the blood at a given time. This is an easy test to administer and it can be performed by doctors, other health care professionals and many pharmacies also have the facility. The reading is shown in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) or millimoles per liter (mmol/L). This is a useful test to have done if you find you have been gaining weight and it doesn’t seem to shift easily! The place to start is to ascertain a fasting blood sugar level. A healthy reading will lie somewhere between 80 and 99 mg/dl. If you want to convert this to mmol/ simply multiply by 18 or divide by 18 if you want to do it the other way around. Conventional medicine is likely to tell you that this range is too low. It isn’t! If the reading is above 100 mg/dl, a red flag is flying.
A reading between 100 and 125 indicates that you have a pre-diabetic condition and need to take some steps to prevent a further rise. The islets of Langarhans in the pancreas produce a hormone called insulin. Insulin is a storage chemical. Its purpose is to take glucose out of the blood and move it to the liver for storage. This supply of sugar feeds the brain and is responsible for overall energy needs. More glucose is taken to the muscles where it is stored for physical needs. Overall the body does not require much; approx 100 Gms is about enough as far as the liver is concerned. The glucose that is not stored converts to fat and weight increases. Metabolic Syndrome is sometimes referred to a syndrome X, it indicates that insulin is beginning to loosen its grip and is inhibited in reaching the cells. This is when blood sugar levels begin to rise and with them blood pressure readings. Now is the time to take some drastic steps to reverse the situation. Nobody wants to take supplemental insulin if at all possible!
If a test gives an elevated reading, repeat it TEST TWICE MORE TO BE QUITE SURE. Fasting means going without food and drink, except water and repeating the procedure first thing in the morning. If you are a smoker, refrain before because that might increase the result. If the reading is still above 100, go for another test an hour after eating. If this reading is even higher it seems safe to assume a problem exists. What do you do about it?
The first step is to regulate the diet. Glucose is something you eat so cut out the obvious culprits like sugar and sweets. Lettuce is a carbohydrate and will not be a problem. It is the starchy carbohydrates that pose the major difficulty. Starchy carbs include bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, biscuits, cakes and so on. You need to substantially reduce these in the diet. Thinking behind nutrition has changed radically and the old carb food pyramid is now obsolete. Instead include a restricted amount of complex carbohydrates in your eating regimen. This variety has not been refined so the husk and associated particulates make the digestion process slower. These foods include brown rice, jacket potatoes, wholemeal bread as well as pasta. Ideally though lots of vegetables and salads along with lean protein should be the preferred option.
Reduce the intake of coffee, instead plump for herbal or green tea, all preferably without sugar. Alcohol is sugar. Anything ending in “ol” is a sugar and should be severely curtailed if not avoided all together. Many high blood sugar issues are the result of excessive alcohol consumption.
Coupled with this dietary change it is important that your start to exercise. Long brisk walks that get you out of breath, but swimming, cycling, yoga, muay Thai, work outs in the gym or even hula hooping can have the desired effect, too. Such exercise will help burn off glucagon stored in the muscles and help displace blood sugar.
Higher blood sugar levels indicate the body is in a heightened state of physical readiness (flight or fight) because at an emotional level there is a stress related situation. You are squaring up to some situation that you want to resist. It would be a really good idea to examine what the situation is and do something to bring down the resistance levels. Health Ambit Consultancy can advise you how to do that. You can make contact via the website.
Low blood sugar is another problem but that is as they say another day’s work."
This article by Alister Bredee first appeared in "The Samui Gazette" of 11/11/11

Sunday, October 30, 2011

High Blood Pressure the Silent Killer.

"Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Veins, on the other hand, carry the de-oxygenated blood from the rest of the body to the heart. The arteries themselves when healthy are smooth and flexible; this insures blood flow is unobstructed. This flow puts pressure on the elastic arterial wall. The measurement of this force is what is known as blood pressure.
The pressure is not recoded as a single number, but as two, double figure digits. The higher number is known as the systolic pressure. This records the pressure in inches of Mercury when the heart beats and sends blood forcibly to the arterial wall. The lower number is known as the diastolic pressure. This is the pressure exerted in the space between the heartbeats. This is the resting phase and thus registers the relaxing pressure. A normal blood pressure would be 120/80. Higher readings such as 135/86 indicate a warning that something might not be quite right and deserves further attention. A one off reading is seldom to be trusted as blood pressure can fluctuate. For a more accurate picture, readings need to be taken over a few days to show a more precise trend. If the blood pressure is drifting off to the high side, then remedial steps need to be taken.
High blood pressure can damage the arterial and venous system and this puts the individual at increased risk of stroke, kidney failure, and heart disease and can sometimes predict a heart attack. The alarming fact is that high blood pressure is rarely discernible, and that’s why it is referred to as “the silent killer.” As a safety precaution it is necessary to have the numbers verified on a regular basis You can do this by going for check-ups with your Doctor or health care professional and to make matters even easier many pharmacies now offer blood pressure testing as an over the counter service. If you find that your blood pressure is on the high side, say 150/90 then you need to make some positive changes and you need to make them quickly!
If you are a smoker, stop a.s.a.p. Chemicals in tobacco, and there are over 600 of them can raise blood pressure. When you inhale cigarette smoke you adrenal glands get a huge kick. This shifts you into “flight or fight mode”. In sympathetic dominance your blood pressure automatically rises. Another factor is being overweight, as this has a tendency to increase blood pressure. If you are carrying a few extra kilos introduce a healthy eating program and start an exercise regime. Begin easily, and if you are very heavy seek advice so you don’t overdo things! In any case a regular brisk walk is probably good for everybody.
Another sign is “ormentum fat”, namely a spreading waistline which often becomes an unsightly beer belly. If weight piles on easily and becomes difficult to shift there is an indication you might well have a blood sugar issue. This condition is known as metabolic syndrome and warns you that insulin is beginning to lose the ability to enter cells and scoop up glucose. Alcohol is a sugar and can often lie at the root of this condition. If you find yourself experiencing some of these symptoms coupled with irritability and mood swings, go and have you blood sugar levels checked. A fall off in the production of insulin will see blood sugar levels rising and with them an increase in blood pressure. Don’t despair all of this can be addressed by altering the diet and introducing a regular exercise e regime. Oh, and it might be a good idea to reduce alcohol consumption!
Another blood pressure increaser is stress. Again the story goes back to the “flight and fight syndrome”, If we are either angry or afraid there is an adrenal response that puts our bodies in a perceived better state to deal with the increased stress, just like smoking this will result in increased blood pressure. If you find yourself getting increasingly wound up by the vagaries of life, then that is a good indication you are negatively stressed. It also warns you that the time has come to do something about the problem. There are many people qualified to help you discover techniques to bring the stress levels down. Yoga, meditation, bio-feedback, are some answers, but so are a host of therapies designed to root out the cause and bring you back on an even keel. Health Ambit Consultancy is very happy to offer advice to achieve this end, use the website to get in touch." This article appeared in the Samui Gazette of 28th October 2011
Alister Bredee
Koh Samui, October 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Exciting Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Comes to Koh Samui.

Yes, a powerful awakening event is scheduled to come to Koh Samui, starting at Yoga Thailand on the 15th of October. Here is an opportunity to join Miles Neale and Emily Wolf who are both psychotherapists from the Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Sciences in New York, where Miles is the assistant director. The Nalanda Institute was opened in 2005 by Swiss born psychiatrist Dr. Joe Loizzio, who is presently the adjunct assistant professor of Religion at the Columbia Centre for Buddhist studies. The idea behind Nalanda was to bring what had been academic programs and make them more readily available to the general public. Now we are privileged to see one of these events on homeground in Koh Samui.
The emphasis on this retreat is to explore what is referred to as “the gradual path” in Tibetan Buddhism. This awesome journey is a comprehensive approach to self-healing designed to lead people away from a place of distress where so many lodge today to a platform of self-awakening which is a much more comfortable place to be.
The workshop is presented in three distinctive phases and participants can if they so wish enroll to take the whole journey or can if they choose select a single segment. Depending on how far you have travelled towards awakening the first segment would seem the most appropriate starting place.
This first phase is devoted to self-healing. It is designed to offer insights to help bring calm into the life of the individual. To reach this place of stillness we must disengage from limited self-views, afflictive emotions and compulsive habits. These behaviours lead to dissatisfaction. The key skill taught here is the famous “Mindfulness” meditation which is rapidly beginning to occupy a pivotal role in Western Psychotherapy and is much used in hospitals and other treatment Centers, particularly in North America.
The second module is devoted to what is described as social healing. This skill is designed to remain composed amongst the ravages of environmental stress and interpersonal conflict. We simply need to glance around us to see how damaging these stresses are. The key is to avoid the familiar triggers that set off reactions to outside events. In actuality the primary knack here is love and compassion in practice. This is an exciting aspiration for every one of us and as we awaken and become more compassionate we begin to change the world for the better. As we look at the chaos threatening the planet at the moment, this must indeed be an invaluable ability.
The third and final module is described as “Creative Healing”. This is not the starting place but the finale to the process brought here to Koh Samui by Miles and Emily. Here the strands from the two preceding phases are drawn together by showing how it is possible to create a positive and functional relationship with an idealized teacher, or guru. We turn towards people who genuinely have life value skills to teach us. We learn by role modeling, visualization and by the use of natural imagery. There is a lot of material in these modules in which yoga asanas, pranayama, chanting, mediation and several other techniques are used to get the message across to all those who are lucky enough to join this remarkable awakening experience.
Everything that Miles and Emily teach in this workshop is based on the 1,000 year old “Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition.” Sometimes in its original form such material can be dry and uninteresting which can be off-putting to all but the most devoted of yogis. However, the teachers from the Nalanda Institute have updated their material, as both are psychotherapists .they have focused their teachings through the lens of modern psychotherapy which is presented in upbeat everyday contemporary psychotherapeutic language, mind-body medicine and cognitive neuroscience.
Clearly a workshop such as this is not for everybody but it affords a tremendous opportunity for those who are ready to attend a mind expanding experience right here without having to travel thousands of expensive miles to far and distant locations. If you would like to know more you need to contact Yoga Thailand as quickly as possible, remembering that the first module commences on Saturday October 15th. There are more details of the “Retreat” including prices on their website which is
As an added bonus Samahita Wellness Center, attached to Yoga Thailand invites participants to stay on for a few extra days to embark on Detox and wellness programs supervised by the wellness director and retreat participants can avail themselves of a 10% discount.
This article appeared in the Samuii Gazette of 15th October 2011
Alister Bredee

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Traditional Thai Treatments on Koh Samui:

"Santi Lunli is a far cry from your usual massage therapist on Koh Samui. He is a male practitioner of traditional Thai medicine with thousands of satisfied clients from all over the world. His clients like him so much that they take him back to their countries of origin to work on an occasional basis. He has just returned from a three month stint in Greece and somebody is presently trying to entice him to Norway.
He was born and raised in Bang Na, situated on the south eastern outskirts of Bangkok, quite close to what is now Suvarnabhumi International Airport. When he was 17 a horrific accident befell him when he was electrocuted by a high power cable. Five days later he collapsed and found himself unable to walk. His distraught parents rushed him off to the Dr. who said there was nothing he could do, suggesting the boy remain an invalid for life. But his wise grandmother was steeped in the ways of traditional Thai medicine. She took him to see an old lady called Kanchon. She massaged his body, used hot rocks to smooth damaged muscle and tendon and made up powerful medicines made from local herbs. Many Thais had turned their backs on this old form of healing in favor of western allopathic medicine, but Santi’s case was to prove them mistaken. In a long series of treatments spanning more than a year the old healer was able to get the young man to walk again! What was more; she taught him her massage skills and schooled him in herbal lore. It was something for him to do during treatment but once he was well, his interest swiftly waned. Santi was young and business interested him. He wanted to make money and acquire the good things in life like houses, cars and electronic goodies. He found business easy and quickly established a successful tailoring outlet which made it easy to amass material wealth. His business thrived for ten years, but he was beginning to get bored. It was all too easy. He decided the time had come to use the knowledge he had gained in his own healing. He went to work in the Khao San area in a series of massage establishments. He extended his skills with the experience and further study at Wat Poh, the temple of the reclining Buddha situated besides the Grand Palace in Ratnakosin. This is the foremost centre offering education in massage and Thai traditional medicine.
Fourteen years ago he decided to re-locate to a much quieter Koh Samui. At that time there were four teachers offering training in Thai healing arts and he came to learn from them.
His specialty is pressure or trigger point massage. This focuses on releasing hyperirritable muscle knots that can refer pain all over the body. He used to have a shop on the ring road on the outskirts of Maenam. Over time he felt this location to be unsuitable and has subsequently moved to the Temple Khao Hua Jook Road which loops down from the ring road south of Tesco Lotus to link with access to Chaweng Lake and beyond. The place is reasonably easy to find, just look out for the big sign. You do, however, need to make an appointment as he is too busy to see people wandering in off the street. His rooms are clean and air conditioned comfortable.
If you have specific problems he will diagnose the problem and if you are not too sure he will soon set you right on what is going on. It is unlikely he will be able to heal you in a single session but will give some indication of the number of sessions required to achieve success. His techniques help overcome pain, weight problems, toxicity and a myriad of other issues. Over the years the island has gained a reputation as a centre for fasting and body detoxing. Many spas and resorts have sprung up to answer this need. Santi offers an altogether superior treatment at a considerably lower cost. Many detoxers have found him and flock back to see him regularly. Concerning Detox, his knowledge of herbs makes him a specialist. He makes up the medicines for visitors whilst residents are required to boil up the packs in their own kitchens and drink the mixture two or three times per day. Such treatment does not blend well with fasting!
If you are experiencing long standing health issues, you can ring him on +66 89-4711 to make an appointment. He will be able to check out what is going on and advise you on an appropriate form of treatment."
By Alister Bredee who is a partner in Health Ambit Consultancy in Koh Samui, Thailand. He is an author and writer who is the originator of Ambit Healing, that has contributed to change in many people's lives.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Contrail or Chemtrail is it all a Conspiracy Theory?

The contrail/chemtrail argument has raged for over a decade and now it has hit Samui. Some people are claiming that they see unusual cloud formations directly after an aircraft flies overhead. The official response reiterated by Governments worldwide is the same. They tell you that you are observing a contrail. A contrail is a cloud of condensed water vapor created when the hot, humid gases from aircraft engines mix with the cold surrounding air. Look up into the sky on a clear day and you will see these trails usually flowing from a north south direction over Koh Samui. This is not a surprise as the island lies abreast the air corridor linking Bangkok with Hat Yai, Malaysia, Singapore and points south-east. The rate at which these contrails dissipate depends on the prevailing weather conditions. Samui lies within the tropics, in regions of high humidity contrails persist unlike in dry regions where they disappear very quickly.
Because of humidity these vapor trails fan out to make small clouds reaching a few hundred meters in height. The actual rate of dispersion will also depend on wind speeds and air turbulence. You can expect the trails to persist for more than a few minutes. According to “The Discovery TV Channel “the pollutants that are included in these trails include nitrous oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane.”
Chemtrails on the other hand, which are dismissed as being the invention of the conspiracy theorists, are composed of barium, aluminum salts, polymer fibers and sometimes silver carbide. That’s a noxious mixture! Their proponents claim that unlike contrails these persist for hours and eventually blend to form clouds. If you look at the sky, you will frequently see this phenomenon. Answers from officialdom continue to deny that such things exist. Now we are beginning to see this picture emerge in Thailand, what is going on?
A documentary produced by Michael Murphy in 2009 entitled “What in the World are they Spraying?” claims: “What most people call chemtrails are what scientists and geoengineers call trails from stratospheric aerosol engineering programs where aerosols/chemicals are sprayed out of airplanes in the atmosphere and spread out.” After heavy spraying the clouds appear whitish and become grey and murky.
Yes, geoengeineering exists. In 1991 patent 5003186 was granted in the USA. Its title is, “Stratospheric Welscbach seeding for Reduction of Global Warming.” The program involves metal oxides like aluminum dispersed into the atmosphere. As Global warming is not really an issue and the opposite appears to be the case one could say they have been successful in their endeavors! What’s more such successes render unnecessary the proposed “Carbon Emissions Tax” which is slated to come on line in the next few years. Bill Gates is deeply involved in this project, too. This is the man who announced during a TED lecture that the population of the planet needs to be reduced to something like half a billion.
If chemtrails are part of a geoengineering project to improve the world’s weather, then why not tell us so? There is something very wrong with the weather and efforts to rectify the problem deserve praise and not silence.
A commercial airline pilot admits he is skeptical when he hears that these trails are simply the result of atmospheric conditions. “Airplanes don’t fly all over the sky. They fly in relatively straight lines along air corridors. The spray planes do not conform to these patterns.” A lady resident in northern California asks the authorities to explain why there were no chemtrails for five weeks between July and August of last year. She claims the spray planes were diverted to spray the toxic “Coreexit “over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. If as the authorities claim these planes are commercial flights somebody surely would have commented that air transportation was grounded for five weeks!!!!
Look up into the sky and use your eyes, what do you see and what do you think is happening? Share your insights with the letters page of the Samui Gazette, or leave comments here."
This article by Alister Bredee appeared in "The Samui Gazette" of 19th August 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

“Thai Classes with a Difference.”

"Khru Kaew’s bright little classroom sits at the end of an orange single story building opposite the Ban Lamorn Restaurant. If you are coming from the Lamai direction work your way through Hua Thanon, follow the road as it sweeps right at the market and then fork left the intersection with the non-working traffic lights. The sign reads Ban Thon Krut. This road is the 4170. The classroom itself can be found on the right hand side some 100 meters before the T junction that will take you to “The Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo”.
Sitting beside me on the chair is a small black and white kitten whom we have just named “Kitty”. She has a number of stitches across her fat little belly but is presently looking very comfortable. Kaew recued her from behind the building a couple of days earlier. She had been attacked by a larger predator, possibly a dog that had literally ripped out her guts. An emergency visit to the “Animal Rescue Centre” in Talig Nham saved her life . She is only one of a number of animals that the teacher has rescued. Often the class is joined by a puppy or cat who sit quietly as the foreigners struggle with the vagaries of the Thai language.
Kaew completed a B.Ed program and Chaing Mai University and went on to get a Masters at Silpakorn University; located just outside the gates of the Grand Palace. Yes, why do we call it Bangkok when the correct Thai name is Khrung Thep? Ajarn Knew went on to teach at Buurapha University. Those familiar with Pattaya know it is situated at the Bang Saen exit of the Motorway. An indication that the journey from the city or the airport is almost over and Pattaya awaits with open arms. Life teaching Thai language and literature in an academic institution can be tough and the gentle teacher succumbed to the pressures by suffering a series of blinding migraines that persuaded her to hand in her notice. As a child her parents had often brought her to Koh Samui for holidays and this is where she came to start a new life. To support herself she decided to open a Thai language school.
It offers two levels of study in listening and speaking. The beginners’ class introduces spoken Thai whilst the Intermediate stage works with more difficult structures and vocabulary. After that the avid student has the chance of going on to learn how to read and write. The course is divided into a beginners’ and then intermediate level. Some students have been with her for some years which speaks highly of the quality of instruction. Fees are very reasonable. She charges THB 200 per hour but if you feel fit enough to tackle 90 minutes the rate rises to THB 250. This is extremely good value for money!
Learning Thai is not easy as there are very few reference points for speakers of European based languages. However, making the effort to learn is always well received by the locals even if the “farang’ has only grasped a few rudimentary basics. Everybody respects this effort is an important step in the bridging of the gap that divides the two cultures
Ajarn Kaew has her own animal rescue centre where she uses her earnings from teaching to support 40 stray dogs and cats in her own home located some distance from the school. Feeding her flock is an expensive business; the bill usually exceeds THB 10,000 per month. That is a lot of teaching hours! Often she runs short of cash and has to ask her parents for help. Perhaps, you could help her in her struggle to give injured animals like “Kitty” the opportunity of life. She is not asking for charity, but really welcomes you as a student which would then aid her fund her passion. Khun Kaew would really welcome your call or inquiry. Her telephone number is 081-928-9146. Isn’t it time you learned Thai?"
This article first appeared in the "Samui Gazette" of August 5th 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

“Beware the Sodium Fluoride Myth!”

The official reason that fluoride was introduced into the water supply in the majority of the English speaking world post World War 11 was something called “Colorado Brown Stain.” This was a mottling effect of the teeth which is now referred to as fluorisis. It was claimed that people with this condition resisted tooth decay. It was also curious that one of the communities tested for this phenomenon was an aluminum producing town called Bauxite, which was literally owned by the ALCOA Company.
The idea of potassium fluoride supplements to counteract tooth decay was not new. It was first put forward by a German public health officer called Carl Erhardt in 1874. His findings were backed up by British physician, James Crichton Brown a little bit later.
The Great Experiment of adding sodium fluoride (not potassium fluoride) to water began in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1945. The nearby community of Muskegon did not fluoridate the water in order to act as a control study to scientifically evaluate the effects. In truth sodium fluoride does not exist on its own in nature it is a toxic by-product of the gas fluorine. The study with duration of 15 years was supposed to give a true picture of the effects of adding 1 pp of industrial sodium fluoride to the water supply. Curiously it was never completed because all of a sudden a rash of other communities wanted to join the bandwagon without a proper clinical trial. The FDA approved the process in 1950 again with scant scientific basis. How as this possible? Already people knew this was a toxic chemical and European doctors had been treating parents with the pharmaceutical grade to counteract the effects of hyperthyroidism. There was also some evidence from a chemist called Perkins who had been in contact with German pharmaceutical giant IGFarben that the substance had been introduced into the water in areas where the population was considered to be volatile. Was it true that the Nazis were using fluoridation to mind control the population? We don’t really know, but it is interesting to note that thyroid hypo function has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and the drug “synthyroid” was the second most prescribed medication in 1999.
It is now 66 years since this experiment was initiated and in view of the risks involved one would expect to see amazing results in the dental health of the countries that have embraced the program. Sadly bad teeth are not a thing of the past in participating countries like Ireland, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Sadly research has determined that dental health has declined significantly. Now the practice is also to add sodium fluoride to most brands of toothpaste. Many western products now carry a health warning stating that medical attention needs to be sought if it is swallowed.
In Thailand water is not fluoridated but thanks to the "Borrow Foundation" milk and yoghurt are. Beware dairy products and we can all stop buying fluoridated toothpaste, too. Fluoride does not prevent acids from eating away enamel and forming cavities. The best and simplest course of action is to rinse away the decay forming acids with good, plain water. Technically, water has a pH of 7 and this is a neutralizer. Sadly, most toothpaste contains glycerin which creates an oily barrier around the teeth themselves. This interferes with the calcium phosphate uptake in the diet from strengthening the enamel. How then, you may ask do you clean your teeth? The answer is amazingly simple. The best agent for tooth cleaning is good, old fashioned soap. Scrape your brush along the bar a couple of times and then brush thoroughly. The soap will wash away acids, and dissolve the oils that prevent enamel re-growth. It will clean the gums and sweeten the breath, it does not usually taste very nice, and so you need to rinse your mouth very thoroughly with water after the cleaning process. Don’t however; use liquid soap as that will unleash another set of problems.
This article written by Alister Bredee, first appeared in the Samui Gazette of July 22nd 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"What a Friend we have in H2O2".

You might know it under other names, namely hydrogen peroxide or simply bleach. At 75% potency it serves as rocket fuel but the overall more common 6% dilution is available in brown bottles from the pharmacy.
H202 should be known as hydrogen dioxide because it contains one more atom of oxygen than water whose chemical formula is H202. Many environmentalists talk about the destruction of the delicate ozone layer which protects the earth’s atmosphere from the dangers of radiation that comes in from outer space. Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen (O3). The ozone layer is formed when the sun’s ultraviolet light splits oxygen atoms in two. The result is a couple of very unstable oxygen atoms. They then combine with another oxygen atom to produce ozone. The weak bonding means the compound is more than happy to get rid of the extra oxygen atom to falling rainwater. The rain produces hydrogen peroxide. You can smell this phenomenon during a rain shower. It gives the rainwater a special quality that makes it very helpful to plants. You might have noticed that rain makes your garden bloom much more luxuriantly than the water from the garden hose pipe. Farmers have been quick to grasp this and now spray their crops using a dilute H202 solution in order to increase their yields. You can do the same thing by purchasing a 6% bottle from the chemist for approximately THB 35. Use the metal cap as your measure. Add a capful to 5 liters and give the plants a treat on watering. You can also use the product as a safe toxic free insecticide. Add five capfuls of H202 to 5 liters of water plus two tablespoons of white sugar stir and decant into a spray bottle. Spray where you see aphids and other parasites. You might have to continue the process a little longer than when using chemicals but the results are much friendlier especially on vegetables.
As far as humans are concerned there is quite a lot of controversy about its usage. The compound is relatively stable and quickly dismutates when exposed to other compounds because it changes to harmless water. In nature oxygen atoms are found in pairs. A single oxygen atom is like a mad dog. It must find another oxygen atom in order to mate. It smashes through cell walls and causes untold damage in this search. These lone atoms are known as free radicals. Some schools of thought think of them as a good thing because they destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi which some think are the main cause of infection. Others like myself believe these play an important role in the healing process. There has been a tendency since the 60s to kick these microbes into oblivion by bleaching and disinfecting everything in sight. We are surrounded by antiseptic sprays and hand sanitizers and yet the rise in chronic illness rises unabated. Conventional medicine evolved from the battle field and has a tendency of talking about illness in warfare terms. White blood cells are responsible for “fighting” bacteria, when they perceive “invaders” they make hydrogen peroxide to oxidize bacteria, watch it froth and bubble as it “puts paid” to the” attacker”. Many feel this reaction is too severe and favor washing the wound with plain soap and water.
It is however, a good idea to keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to hand. It is a cheap way of getting rid of household molds and fungus and is an invaluable aid to counteracting insect stings. Pour a capful onto as wad of cotton wool and then dab the sting. You will notice the inflammation swiftly decreases as the swelling subsides in a space of a few minutes. It is a useful remedy for mosquito bites which sometimes form scar tissue if left to their own devices. Try some of these tips for yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love you enough

I love you enough to allow you to find the God of your understanding,
however, whenever, and if ever you choose…

Allow you to make what I perceive to be foolish mistakes…

Never possess you and never let you possess me…

Allow you to maintain your dignity and never let you take away

Allow you to seek help in your own way – wherever and whenever you

Leave your responsibilities in your hands and to assume my own…

Allow you to hurt when you choose…

Never apologize nor cover up for you…

Be your best friend or never see you again…

Miss you but not be destroyed when we are out of touch…

Drop all my expectations of you…

Become so serene and at peace that I don't `need' you…

Let go of jealousy and anger…

Allow you to have your secret space and to have my own…

Listen to you with an open heart when I can…

Never tolerate you unacceptable behavior – forgive you unacceptable
behavior when and if I am ready…

Allow you to grow faster or slower that I do without resentment…

Allow you to take magnificent care of yourself, your spirit and those
things that are yours…

Allow you to become the beautiful person that you are.


James A. McGregor - 1983


Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Amazing Story of German New Medicine:

"Dr.Ryke Geerd Hamer, one time chief internist of the Cancer Clinic of Munich University Hospital met horrific tragedy when in 1978, his 19 year old son Dirk, was shot dead in front of his eyes! Shortly afterwards he developed testicular cancer and wondered why! His exploration brought him to a dramatic conclusion that he called "The Iron Rule of Cancer"! However, in the light of Meta-Medicine which is a newer and perhaps less stringent take on Dr. Hamer’s work, this rule applies equally well to all disease.
The "Iron Rule" states that a sudden and unforeseen incident of a highly charged emotional nature leads to illness. He says this can be cured once the emotional conflict is resolved. He suggests this is why so many conventional treatments are unsuccessful. The same phenomenon occurs in the animal world. A sheep loses its lamb to a predator and goes on to develop teat cancer. The cancer disappears when the ewe falls pregnant once again.
The "Significant Emotional Event" (SEE) leads to what Hamer calls a "Dirk-Hamer-Syndrome", which produces a lesion on the brain. In the first phase of disease the body is dominated by the stressful sympathetic nervous system .The person obsesses about the event. He/she encounters high energy levels but hands and feet become cold, appetite drops off, blood pressure increases, constipation can occur and sleeping becomes difficult. In this phase the body creates a symptom. Hamer was able to trace this development by using “Computerized Tomography". He then produced a chart that relates specific emotional traumas with the formation of lesions in the brain that result in cancerous tumors growing in predictable parts of the body.
For instance a child is knocked down by a car and enters a coma. The mother witnesses this; she is distraught. A lesion forms on her brain and that prompts the breast milk producing glands. Instinctively her old self believes that she needs to nurture the child through the crisis. The child is in the hospital and cannot take the milk, as a result a tumor forms. She drops everything and focuses all her time and attention on her injured child. One day he wakes up in his hospital bed. The trauma instantly resolves itself and she feels overwhelming relief. The brain lesion turns to an edema and the tumor stops growing as no more milk is required. She can relax and she enters the healing stage of the disease. Naturally occurring bacteria in the body can now consume the growth; however she also feels uncomfortable and has low energy. She goes to see her Doctor who diagnoses breast cancer.
The manufacturers of the CT equipment, Siemens, testify that Geerd Hamer used over 6,000 scans in his work in developing this extraordinary theory. What he appears to be saying is that the cancer is a symptom of the real illness, which lies painfully embedded in the psyche and in the brain. He appears to have thoroughly researched his explanation to boot!
Hamer criticizes the orthodox medical treatment of cancer by saying that 98% of patients die from the treatment and not the disease. He claims: "Nowadays most people with cancer die from the affects of the medical diagnosis and prognosis. It is this which produces the supposed metastases!" He maintains there is no such thing as cancer spreading as conventionally supposed. Instead the metastasis is the growth of another cancer caused by yet another Significant Emotional Event, which is the shock of the medical diagnosis and negative prognosis.
Dr Hamer does not offer solutions how these conflicts are to be resolved, but stresses resolution has to be gentle. Rough analytical abreactive therapies are to be discouraged because they might trigger another cancer causing Event. However, many gentle therapies such as EFT, Ambit, and the Emotion Code abound; they might just play a big part in resolving these disease producing conflicts in what must be a milestone in Mind-Body Medicine."
This article appeared in "The Samui Gazette" of 25th June 2011.
Alister Bredee is a freelance author living on Koh Samui. He is a health care practitioner (working with the amazing CoRe system to find out more ask about a free introductory session), trainer and a partner in The Health Ambit Consultancy, which is named after the Meridian Energy therapy he developed. It involves diagnosis by muscle testing and treatment using the meridian system. He also works as a Detox Consultant and Locum with extensive experience. He can be contacted via his website: He publishes a regular blog at: . You can find him and the Health Ambit Consultancy on Facebook.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

“Neem the Panacea for all Diseases!”

In Thailand they call it “Saddow”; the trees can be found growing in dry locations. It is itself a member of the mahogany family and is native to India and S.E. Asia. You can ask your garden centre to source a sapling for you; it just might be a valuable addition to your garden!
“Azardirachta Indica” to give the plant its proper name has played an important role in ayurvedic medicine for more than 3000 years. Ayurveda is a term than comes from the combination of two Sanskrit words which translate as “life science”. Similar to the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine this Indian system believes an imbalance of body, mind or spirit is the root cause of all disease. Bring harmony to the system and wellness returns.
Neem has so many medicinal uses that it has been described as “the village pharmacy “in Ayurvedic literature, where it is depicted like this: ‘Neem bark is cool, bitter, astringent, acrid and refrigerant. It is useful in tiredness, cough, fever, loss of appetite, worm infestation. It heals wounds and vitiated conditions of kapha, vomiting, skin diseases, excessive thirst, and diabetes. Neem leaves are reported to be beneficial for eye disorders and insect poisons. It treats Vatik disorder. It is anti-leprotic. Its fruits are bitter, purgative, anti-hemorrhoids and anthelmintic’. (The Neem Foundation.)
This wonder tree has recently come to the attention of western medicine. Curiously the American pharmaceutical company W.R. Grace tried and was successful in obtaining an European patent on it. Sensibly the Indian Government objected, correctly claiming that the medicines derived from the tree had been a part of the ayurevedic pharmacopeia for several thousand years. Grace lost their patent but still had the arrogance to contest the ruling. They lost again and so the case closed! What they were trying to do was patent a fungicide derived from the tree.
Neem’s anti-mold, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are well known in oriental medicine. In Thailand they place “saddow” leaves in rice stores to protect the crop from spoilage. In the humid tropical climate of southern Thailand mold is an ongoing problem as many will attest after the recent rains. Ceilings and walls developed black blotches and the sickly sweet smell of mildew seeped from cupboards, book shelves and even bed sheets. Mildew is a minute fungus which needs moisture to survive. Bathrooms with damp air trapped between four walls are a prime location for these molds. The spores settle in the mucous membrane of the human body and some strains contain mycotoxins which are hazardous to health. Washing down moldy walls with a dilute hydrogen peroxide solution usually kills the fungus. If you don’t do this you stand a chance of developing allergic reactions and sometimes illnesses like asthma, coughs, a build up of mucous, sinus conditions whilst irritations can break out in the eyes and throat. Mold also forms on spoiled food. Once you detect mold on food, don’t eat it, throw it out, it can be quite poisonous.
If we do develop symptoms like the common cough, taking Neem capsules is an excellent way of addressing the problem. Mycotoxins include an advanced form of yeast which mutates and becomes a fungus. This often happens in Candida albicans. We all have yeast in our system and it plays an important role in quelling disease, but when it changes to a fungus it can grow rhizomes or roots that penetrate cell walls and cause toxins to spread. Neem capsules are an efficient antidote to Candida problems. The plant is native to Thailand and the capsules are readily available. Supplies can be purchased from Ms. Ta’s shop, located opposite Spa Samui in Lamai. Whilst there, stock up with some of the probiotic coconut drink and coconut cheese. These products are rich in natural bacteria which help the immune system work more efficiently by providing the ammunition it needs to fight off disease. Take a look at their website at"
This article by Alister Bredee appeared in the Samu Gazette of 10th June 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Major Customer Service Mistakes in Marketing

Never repeat the following story that happened to me, just yesterday.


Most disappointing experience in my adventures on Traffic Exchange circuit. With a lot of bitterness and heavy heart I must write about this.

I posted an article yesterday, praising how careful and attentive is Hilbert Gavel. Lesson, many should learn, if you are in marketing. Today I saw exactly opposite of that.

Well technically there is nothing wrong. However, what I want to highlight is the fact that this is what you should not do.

Soaring For Traffic, Hit Safari and Real Hits 4 you have partnered together to offer something called, Power Surf Central. For a user, I see all of them as partners to the party of promoting it.

I had some technical issue with Real Hits 4 you and I sent in a support ticket. It has been more than 4 days maybe 5 now, and I have not heard anything from them.

So I thought, I would seek some help. I send in a request, politely, opening a support ticket to people over at Hit Safari. Guess what? I was replied negative. An out right I cannot help with Real Hits 4 you questions here with a sad smiley.

No, don t show me that sad smiley. I am not impressed. I may be a free member but I was just about to blast the adverts promoting you three guys. If you are offering a Power Surf Central as a fixed feature on your sites, I believe you are in contact with each other. All I requested was to remind the people at Real Hits 4 you to look for my support ticket and reply to it. You refused to help?

Hmm. What does this tell me about the business model? About the customer support? About partnering members. What would happen if it was a paid member? Forget about it? Is it? No I am not a pain in the back side customer. I would be last person send a support ticket.

It was a genuine request for help not asking for resolving an issue. It was out right refused. I am sorry friends, these three exchanges are going out of my list. Out of my adverts. If you do care to spread good words, please spread this message too.

I am not being touchy or making mountain out of mole. However, an out right refusal of given situation. Well people may argue in favour of Hit Safari. I don t care. I did not get any help/support from Power Surf Central participating member site(s) so all the sites get a bad mark from me. Nothing personal. You slammed the door in my face. You even closed the ticket.

Here is the image of the Open/Close Ticket. As it is. No edit. You be the judge.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Candle Blowing in the Wind:

"He came from Germany to work in property sales. Uli Alex’s background was quite different; instead he had worked in the fitness industry specializing in fitting out and starting gyms and fitness centers. He found his time selling property stressful and he went on to study the Japanese hands on healing technique of Reiki. He seemed to have found the right path as people flocked to him for healings at his home. In 2006 he decided to quit his sales job and had a plan of focusing the next two years on himself and his own holistic development. However, fate was to intervene and offer him a life changing experience.
It all happened off Maenam where he used to go “Kite Surfing”. In this extreme sport the surfer slides his feet into locks on the board and holds onto a kite that fills with air according to the vagaries of the wind and takes the kiteboarder scudding across the waves, sometimes at tremendous speed. On this particular day he set off from in front of the Santiburi Hotel and found himself dragged by a fresh wind and strong current to a point some eight kilometers off the Samui coast. He let go the kite and flopped into the water. A golden rule in this sport is never to release the kite because it makes you visible. He was now invisible and three quarters of the way to Koh Phangan! Uli is a fine athlete who has competed in triathlon competitions, but try as he could, he could not make headway against the strong current. He was to spend the next five hours in the sea. His girlfriend and other watchers were desperately worried as the hours ticked by, realizing his chances of survival lessened by the minute. He could hear boats passing nearby but he was too low in the water to be visible! Slowly it dawned on Uli that he was facing death! As the realization deepened thoughts flooded over him. He understood how his way of life had taken him away from the mainstream and his was a different path from the majority. With this thought “he let go”, he surrendered and stopped struggling. It was then that the current released him. Suddenly he found he was able to move and to make headway. He shifted his sights to Bophut and started swimming in that direction. It was then after five hours in the water that the cramps began to seize hold of his muscles, but by this time the Gods were smiling. He had passed his test and a fishing boat came into sight. This time the fisherman saw him and drew alongside helping him on board and then took him back to the shore. Instead of feeling tired he suddenly felt himself brimming with new energy. Naturally everyone was mightily relieved to see Uli return from what seemed to them a certain drowning.
On reflection he realized lazing on Samui was not for him. He still had work to do! He continued offering healing sessions whilst his clientele continued to expand. He realized that he needed candles to make his session more meaningful. The candles available in the supermarkets were not good enough for the job. So he went to Bangkok to learn how to make candles. His efforts were successful and soon hotels and resorts clamored to buy his products. He realized, too, that he needed a retail outlet from which to make sales to the general public. After burning his kitchen at home he elected to open a shop in Nathon’s Walking Street. This was an ideal venue from which to service the Saturday market crowd. He has since extended to join the Walking Street Market in Maenam and hopes soon to include Bophut.
To find out more about these lovely “Prometheus Candles” you can e-mail Uli Alex at or phone him on 085 471 6320."
This article by Alister Bredee appeared in the "Samui Gazette" of May 27th 2011. Candle image thanks to

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Full Moon Parties on Koh Phangan: and Elsewhere, too!

We all know that Koh Phangan is Samui’s smaller sister island which lies approximately ten kilometers to the north of the bigger island. Koh Phangan is definitely less developed than Samui. The south coast is blessed with good roads but as you go north many of these disintegrate into dirt tracks. This makes transportation a slow and bumpy affair. A boat service from Maenam sails the east coast and is often the best way to get to some of the more interesting resorts situated on Bottle Bay. This service serves the Sanctuary Detox resort and Mai Pen Rai bungalows,too. A trip to this region of Koh Phangan takes you back in time and gives you some idea how Samui was 10 years ago.
The Full Moon Parties on Koh Phangan are world renowned. Haad Rin is the nightlife hub of the island and every full moon, 10 or so of the clubs band together to host a beach party which has rocketed to world wide acclaim. The next full moon arrives on May 17th, so if you are thinking of going don’t mark this date in your diary because it is a Vishaka Bucha Day which means parties of the type enjoyed on Koh Phangan will have to be delayed until the following day in deference to the religious holiday. Then surprisingly this peaceful and relatively unblemished island turns into a party goers paradise. In the quieter off season months like the month of May, ten thousand people make their way to enjoy the full moon revellery. They dance the night away to music so loud that it reverberates across the water and can be heard as far away as Samui, itself.
You can be pretty certain it will be a difficult task to find a bed close or not so close to the party unless you book early. For the hardy there is no real need to spend the night on Koh Phangan because an armada of speed boats whisks passengers across the sea from Bangrak all night long. Most people make their way to the party from Samui. You need to book a return trip to avoid being stranded overnight. Another caution is to be sure to find your boat by the appointed time for the return voyage unfortunately some party goers find this a difficult feat to accomplish! Koh Phanagan is definitely worth a visit, so this speedy in an out approach to the Full Moon party is not to be recommended. You would be well advised to spend a night or two across there. Venture away from Haad Rin and there are many breathtaking surprises to be had, because then you have the opprtunity to spend a few days in any one of the many delightful resorts scattered all over the island. As I say if you want to stay during the time of the Full Moon festivities you need to book, this means some prior research is indicated.
However, if you are going expect am amazing evening, where the huge speakers act like jackhammers to drive the beat into your very bones. This makes everyone get up and boogey. It might not be your cup of tea, it certainly isn’t mine but I am told everyone should try it at least once. Instead I shall be going to Jun’s wonderful vegetarian Art Cafe in Samui Town Centre. This is just off the ring road a few hundred meters after the Bophut traffic lights travelling in the direction of Chaweng. She opens her door at 2 and closes them at eight on every full moon day. She donates the food which comprises a healthy fusion menu for free and the happy eaters then pay a donation for their feast. This goes to support a worthy charity. In April the money was directed to recompense for some of the damage incurred by the local floods and the previous month it went to the survivors of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. To find out more link to their webpage by going to:Check here
By Alister Bredee in "Ther Samui Gazette" of 13th May 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

“Infinite Horizons”, top notch Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre to Open on Samui on May 1st.

“Infinite Horizons” is a luxury “rehab” center slated to open on Samui on May 1st. The property itself sits perched on the side of a hill in the south west corner of the island. The sunset coast is a far cry from the rowdy bustle of Chaweng or even Lamai. In this corner, off the ring road, life becomes much more tranquil and takes on the tone of rural mainland Thailand. Quiet villages nestle beside the sea and acres of coconut trees sprawl upwards to hills that give way to small mountains.
Infinite Horizons perches at the top of a steep road on one of those hill sides. The property itself is decidedly five star. It comprises 9,600 square meters of tasteful luxury nestling beside an infinity swimming pool that affords unbroken views out to sea and the five islands beyond. On a clear day it is easy to see the mainland shimmering in the distance. There are six accommodation types and clients stay in suites that vary from 51 to 161 square meters in size. All rooms face west, affording breathtaking sunset views which can be enjoyed from the privacy of their very own private terraces. Coming to Samui to kick the habit of drugs or alcohol will certainly be a comfortable experience. The program’s creators have decided to limit the number of “guests’ to a maximum of eight at any one time. This makes for an intimate, family sizes community where the client to staff ratio is 2:1. This ideally small number gives rise to caring and personalized treatment programs.
These programs have been carefully designed according to clinical research. They are at the cutting edge of modern clinical practice. As a result the “Center” is able to offer more intensive individual and group psychotherapy than is the usual case. Infinite Horizons is also offering complementary therapies which include luxury spa treatments, yoga, nutritional counseling and natural medicine as well as innovative holistic treatments that have never been seen in a ‘rehab facility’ anywhere in the world. However luxurious the surroundings which are probably unsurpassed anywhere else, it is necessary in order for the project to succeed, to have a professional staff who which is both skilled and dedicated . The creator of this project is the marketing brains behind the venture. He was fortunate to recruit clinical social worker Ian Lyons who has a lot of experience in running “rehab” programs in the United States and elsewhere, including Thailand. The “falang” group are ably assisted by Thai Doctors and nurses, a management team, a yoga teacher and Spa therapists who have all come together to provide one of the most outstanding rehabilitation programs available not only in Thailand but elsewhere, too! When you consider the price of a rehab program in the UK’s “Priory Clinic” franchise, you will find that coming to Samui works out a fraction of the cost. The treatment s are arranged in three programs starting with a 28 day “Detox”. For those in need of a little more assistance there are also 45 and 90 day programs. All programs, besides offering individual and group sessions also have the invaluable component of A.A meetings several times per week.
Admissions to the facility are handled through the Bangkok Office, where all e-mails are seen and then answered by an experienced addiction’s counselor. The reply is confidential and leads to a telephone interview. Once clarity is established secure booking with confirmed dates can be made and treatment can thus begin easily.
On the website there is a short self-assessment questionnaire. This will help the individual determine what his or her needs are and give some indication of the most desirable program length. However, you will still need to undertake the telephone interview before a secure booking can be made. To find out more about Infinite Horizons see their website click here
This article by Alister Bredee appeared in the Samui Gazette of April 29th 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I agree with this info below 100%....

"I dont want to take the time trying to "prove" what I am suggesting here.
I will let you do your own research.
However, I own a $200 electic and magnetic gauss meter called a "trifield meter" and I own a "Stetzerizer Meter" which costs $100.
Both are relatively decent and somewhat professional units for measuring high voltage spikes (stetzerizer meter) in the house wiring and EMF fields (trifield meter).
I was just reading through this website: and this website: absolutely astonished once again...even though I have studied all this material years before!

Anyway, I saw a video on one of the sites about compact fluorescent bulbs (CF) giving off bad EMF pollution and increasing what is called "dirty electricity" in the wiring of the house. Since I have a desk lamp (next to my body!) on my office desk, I pulled out my trifield meter and measured the spiral type compact fluorescent bulb when it was turned on and it gave off about 6 gauss of non biocompatible EMF pollution. I took the bulb out and put in a regular incandescent bulb, turned it on, and there was no reading on the meter, no EMF pollution. Then I did the same thing, but using my Stetzerizer Meter and the compact fluorescent did exactly what the video on the website suggested, it increased the "dirty electricity" or "high voltage harmonic spikes" substantially! And yes, these high voltage electrical spikes in the wiring inside the wall do in fact travel through the air into the body according to one of the websites I offered above. Please read this last line again.

Plus I have read or head that CF bulbs have mercury in them, so if they break this is a real danger. My suggestion...throw away or recycle your CF bulbs immediately and forget the bullshit about mitigating global warming using these types of bulbs, they are just another health risk (and I could get into the conspiratorial aspect of this but I will spare you!). I am not sure if there is such a thing yet, but possibly LED bulbs are available for regular lamps and such, not sure...

In addition, although I have mentioned this many times through the years in my emails, here it is again. Very simple, very profound...Walk into your bedroom. Look at your nightstand or any table or headboard you have near you while you sleep at night. Do you see an alarm clock that PLUGS INTO THE WALL? If so, remove it immediately and replace it with a nice battery operated clock that does not plug in. Do you have your iPod player or any other electrical unit by your head or body while you are sleeping? If so, remove them. You will sleep much better and be much healthier.

Recently, a dear friend said to me, "Neil you are preaching to the choir." I explained to my friend that when I send out emails about cell phone use, it is because I know how many of my personal friends still use their cell phones!
(Get an air-tube / hand-free! and use it.... doh! see shop page below )
Also, when assisting a friend of mine recently to put some powerful magnets under her mattress so she could sleep in a regenerative negative magnetic field, I noticed she had numerous electrical toys plugged into the wall and sitting on her nightstand right near her head, one was an alarm clock. Thus, I would suggest that these emails are not preaching to the choir, they are simple reminders to my friends that I am sure will go to the right people at the right time."

- neil (I don't know who Neil is but ever since I installed these bulbs in my house the electricity has been doing inexplicable things and this sheds some light on the situation.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Innovative Treatment for Addictions and Co-Occurring Disorders Launched by Leading Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center, Infinite Horizons

Infinite Horizons, Asia’s premiere alcohol and drug rehab center, is pleased to unveil a groundbreaking, innovative and experimental therapeutic technique that shows considerable promise when used in the treatment of patients with alcohol and drug addictions or co-occurring disorders.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 8, 2011

AMBIT Emotional Therapy is an intervention that can be used to treat individuals with alcohol addiction, drug addiction and dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders. Infinite Horizons is the first alcohol and drug rehab center in the world to incorporate this approach into its treatment program. Preliminary anecdotal evidence demonstrates tremendous clinical value for this unique and powerful intervention.

Originally devised by Alister Bredee D.H.H.’s contribution to Meridian Energy Healing, thus AMBIT - Alister’s Meridian Based Integrative Technique. The technique depends on muscle testing which has a rapid means of communicating with the unconscious mind. The practice evolved from Kinesiology, which was first devised by researchers in Chiropractic Medicine in the 1960s, but has never before been used in any alcohol and drug rehab center, until now!

In 2001, Dr. Bredee became the facilitator of The Irish Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques and was using and teaching therapies like EFT, which he had studied with founder Gary Craig in the USA. “I realized the enormous power of the unconscious mind which can process up to 14,000,000 bits of information per second. It serves as the home of emotions and of memories,” states Dr. Bredee. This concept has tremendous implications for clients struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders.

As a result of muscle testing the practitioner can quickly access information from the subconscious. AMBIT techniques are used with clients at Infinite Horizons alcohol and drug rehab center, to find trapped memories. These memories cause energy blockages in the neurologic system of clients, which can also be the principal constituent in disease, or the maladaptive behaviors associated with alcohol addiction, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders.

AMBIT can pinpoint a causative event within a year or two of its occurrence, much to the surprise of the client. The utilization of such an innovative intervention in an alcohol and drug rehab center, with clients suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction or co-occurring disorders is quite powerful. Due to his extensive training in Holistic Medicine, Dr. Bredee also realized that negative emotions could be removed from the body by working with the Meridian system. Dr. Bredee presented this discovery at the Second European Energy Conference that took place at Lady Margaret Hall, at Oxford in 2002.

More recently, Dr. Bredee has been influenced by Dr. Bradley Nelson’s “Emotion Code” and he now backflushes a meridian using a strong magnet or Zero Point Energy device to remove the embedded emotion from the neurology. In this way it is possible to permanently remove a gamut of negative emotions that are often the root causes for symptoms of alcohol addictions and drug addictions quite rapidly. Today, Alister Bredee is a key member of the clinical team at Infinite Horizons rehab center.

The Clinical Team at Infinite Horizons asserts that AMBIT, when used in conjunction with traditional medical and holistic therapies, will significantly improve success rates for clients suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders, post discharge from treatment.

Infinite Horizons, is an alcohol and drug rehab center, located on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand. The facility is second to none in providing luxurious facilities, amenities and opulent accommodations. In addition to this exciting new technique, Infinite Horizons offers a fully comprehensive treatment program, administered by highly educated and trained clinicians. .For more information visit Infinite Horizons.


Monday, April 4, 2011

“The Islands May Call; You Come Away, Come Away!”

"Australian film director Rhonda Byrne took the world by storm in 2006 when she premiered ‘The Secret”. This was not a conventional movie that depended on audiences filling cinemas; instead she set out to sell it in DVD format. Thanks to a stunning trailer the world was agog with anticipation when the sales campaign took off. In essence she adapted a long forgotten book called “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles which talks about the metaphysical law of attraction. This law states that thoughts are things; if we set out minds on something we will in time bring in into reality. As a result lots of people spent an inordinate amount of time visualizing Porsches for example and in most cases to no avail! Yes, indeed it is possible to bring experiences and material “goodies’ into our world but all limiting beliefs blocking the materialization process will halt the manifestation. The unconscious mind is a bit like an iceberg. Ten per-cent remains above the surface and is apparent for all to see but another 90% lurks underneath quite hidden from view. If for example, your unconscious believes a Porsche is too expensive then there is scant likelihood of bringing one of these vehicles into your possession.
In the film there were approximately 20 individuals, referred to as “teachers” who explained the ideas. Most of these people were drawn from the field of self-development including motivational speakers like Joe Vitale and Bob Proctor. Among them was Michael Beckwith, a minister of religion who founded the Agape International Spiritual Centre located in the greater Los Angeles area. He began his Church in 1986 which today boasts a congregation in excess of 9,000. Michael Beckwith is a powerful orator full of wisdom and common sense. His charisma has drawn celebrity figures like Oprah Winfrey to him and the valuable work done by the church’s outreach program has attracted many thousands more. They feed homeless people, visit prison inmates and help support their families as well as work to ecologically preserve the planet whilst giving assistance to orphanages that are home to children suffering from AIDS.
Where do the islands come into this story? There are two islands very far apart. One of them is Koh Samui and the other Maui. Paul Rambo has been living on Samui for several months now and succinctly draws all these disparate strands together. He and Michael Beckwith grew up together in the same Los Angeles suburb and like Michael he too is a Minister of religion. Paul moved to the Big Island of Hawaii some thirty years ago where he was fortunate enough to study Huna. Huna means “secret” and the islands abound with a rich history of ancient knowledge which because of Hawaii’s remote location has not been diluted by other cultures and other thinking patterns. He studied Ho’opono pono with “National Treasure” of Hawaii, Morrnah Simeona, who adapted an ancient Hawaiian practice for solving local disputes and turned it into a means of communication with what the Hawaiians refer to as the three selves and we in the West know as the Superconscious, Conscious and Unconscious minds. This technique enables us to communicate more effectively with ourselves and ultimately with a higher power. Simeona presented “Ho’opono pono” to the United Nations. It is a great pity they have not been able to use the method to bring genuine and lasting peace to the world!
Paul later moved to Maui where he has officiated at over 100 weddings. When Michael Beckwith and his wife Rikki wanted to renew their vows after 7 years of marriage, it was to Maui they went where Paul assisted with the Hawaiian chanting at the ceremony. Many people come to Samui to get married and Paul is happy to officiate at the ceremonies. As he is on the island he also offers therapy sessions where he incorporates Ho’opono pono and Karuna Reiki. All of this brings the soul into alignment with the spirit self and makes it easier to make the law of attraction work in your life. He can be contacted a via his website"

This article by Alister Bredee appeared in the Samui Gazette of April 4th 2011