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The Medical Myth Exposed, we can fully heal ourselves easily and cheaply:

In order to heal themselves the majority of people believe that the most logical means of effective care is the "Western Medicine Model."  This industry generates billions of dollars of profits annually. It grew after the inception of the American Medical Association in 1848 and quickly superseded its predecessors homeopathy and naturopathy. The earlier examples depended on cheap remedies that could be made from naturally occurring organic and inorganic substances. Anybody could make these medicines; meaning they could not be patented. Allopathic medicine developed alongside the oil industry, where medicines were made, frequently with a petrochemical base. These synthetic remedies were concocted in the laboratory; these could be patented, often at substantial profit to the developer. The medical profession itself evolved from the role of the surgeon whose job it was to fix bodies broken in the battlefield. It is in this realm of emergency medicine that doctors excel.  Who would go and see an acupuncturist if they broke their arm in a motorcycle crash?
Western Medicine has preserved its status as the purported most effective means of treatment by a slight of hand trick. It has programmed people to believe it is overall, the most effective mode of cure. It does this because it lays claim to be fully supported by “Science”. This is based on the mechanistic view of the world as laid down by Descartes and Newton.  Both lived during a period of intense mechanization. The machine arrived to industrialize the west, and it naturally dominated thinking.  Medicine became mechanistic, upheld by a belief the human body was both predictable and followed consistent common actions. The old way of holism was abandoned. Anyone who was a critical of this new system was ridiculed and made to appear both ignorant and stupid. This is an effective way of silencing criticism. This new medicine grew at a tremendous pace and profit. Yes, it introduced cleaner practices like sanitation and proper sewerage which largely eradicated the acute diseases of the past and then along came scientists like Einstein, Bohr and Planck who turned the old thinking upside down. Quantum science moved away from predictable mechanical principals and exposed a much more volatile cosmos. As these strange and scary theories developed medicine countered with antibiotics, radiation treatments and vaccines. Antibiotics changed the face of treatment forever. Bacterial infections could be reversed without life threatening symptoms. The world was a different place. They eradicated old diseases and everything seemed generally better, but was it?
The power of antibiotics was staggering and practitioners began to prescribe them for viral conditions for which they were ineffective. A frightening trend developed, many of the antibiotics began to prove useless against certain bacterial strains and so they had to develop more powerful drugs to combat the resistant pathologies. Some people began to ask questions. There seemed to be a swing back to the old ways, and these old therapies now reborn were branded as alternative medicine. Allopathy decried these less profitable cures as unscientific and often dangerous. This propaganda campaign was dominated by compliant media keen to collect the rich rewards of advertising by the pharmaceuticals. But all along there was an answer, but people didn’t know it!
This old cure had always been there, animals much closer to nature than man, were aware. Dogs instinctively eat grass when ill. The grass causes them to vomit or otherwise excrete the causative toxins. Nobody taught the animals to use these natural medicines, the knowledge was hot wired into them, lodged in the old brain available for all to use. If animals had such knowledge, then man certainly did. He had been tricked into believing that such powers were beyond him. But they weren’t!
When we come to “cause” in life we take our power back. Western medicine places the patient at “effect”. He sees a specialist who tells him what to do and then prescribes treatments that the patient dutifully follows until well. He has remarkably little control over his own well-being.  When he moves to “cause” he then takes responsibility for his own healing.
 The unconscious mind is the repository of vast knowledge. It can handle in excess of 15,000,000 bits of data per second. It runs the body, stores memories and races emotions, but it also knows what is wrong and how to put it right. We simply tap into the subconscious and command it to heal us, that’s all! Hypnosis had proved that a long time ago. But we can do this without hypnosis! All that is required is to set up a communication system with this mysterious super computer. There are many painless ways to accomplish this. When this communication is in place, we can deduce from the subconscious when healing has happened. The other notable feature is the bodies! Essentially we have three main bodies comprising Spiritual, Emotional and Physical which are subdivided into twelve sub-bodies. It is crucial disease is removed from all of them. To achieve success we just verify that the bodies are clear and if they are not, we keep clearing them. Then gradually, disease, which comprises, many different aspects leaves the system. People have cured thousands of illnesses and conditions this way. These illnesses range from herpes 1 and 2, to arthritis to cancer to thyroid disease to malaria and more.  Oh, you can even work on your pets.  Want to know more, contact me and I will be delighted to teach you, or your group to heal in this way? It’s easy, and anyone can do it! Contact me and we can arrange it! Here's how.......
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Are Greenhouse Gases responsible for Global Warming?

As we come into 2013, the time has come to dispose of a few politically inspired myths and global warming caused by man’s overuse of cars, aeroplanes and industrialisation is just one of them. To challenge the prevailing views on climate change is according to Lord Lawson of Blaby “politically incorrect”. If something is considered improper in this way, then it’s necessary to ask whether there is a hidden agenda. The experts on weather change are not politicians like Presidential hopeful Al Gore but climate scientists.
The media talks about CO2 in awed terms as if it were some vicious substance destined to end man’s tenure on earth. Carbon di-oxide is a naturally occurring gas which helps living things grow. Humans produce a small portion of the world’s supply, somewhere in the region of 6 gigatons, which palls when compared to the 150 gigatons created  by animals and bacteria. CO2 is a small component of the earth’s atmosphere, comprising a tiny 0.54% . It’s a greenhouse gas, but by far the biggest is water vapour , which comprises 95% of the total. These gases are essential; they trap the sun’s heat in the troposphere. If this did not happen, it would dissipate off into space and life here on earth would be impossible. If greenhouses gases are responsible for climate change then the troposphere should be getting warmer, and this is not happening. The facts don’t fit the theory.
After being declared the victor in 2000 presidential election and then defeated by a recount and a decision by the US Supreme court, Al Gore became not President but a vociferous spokesman on  global warming.  In his emotional film “An Inconvenient Truth”, he bases his argument on ice core samples. These create a weather picture spanning millennia. He used the information to establish a correlation between the rise of CO2 and temperature increase, but he leaves out an important fact. Professor Clark points out that there is a considerable time lag between the temperature rise and the increase of the gas. Temperatures have increased by 0.5 degrees Celsius over the last 150 years. The greatest increase came prior to 1940 when industrial production was relatively low and then dropped over the succeeding 40 years which was a time of massive industrial expansion due to the post war industrial boom. It seems then that CO2 increases are the result and not the cause of temperature increase. Professor Michaels of the University of Virginia says people who claim CO2 is responsible for global warming have simply not examined the facts.
Oceanographer Karl Wunsch of MIT reiterates the oceans are the planets biggest treasury of carbon di-oxide. He explains the time interval between temperature rise and gas increases is due to the size  of the oceans. When temperatures rise the sea is warmed and gives off higher amounts of CO2. However, it takes a long time to raise sea temperature, and that explains the significant time lag between increased temperature and heightened CO2 levels.
If Greenhouse gases and CO2 are not causing so called global warming, what is? Look up in the sky and chances are you’ll see the sun. It’s increased sunspot activity that is causing temperature increases. This is not new. Historically there have been periods of earth’s history when the weather has been much warmer and times when it has been a lot cooler. Prior to the current 150  year cycle there was a cold spell known as the “Little Ice Age”; this began in Europe in the fourteenth century. Contemporary pictures and illustrations show this. In London, the Thames froze over most years; this cold snap was preceded by a time where temperatures where noticeably warmer and referred to as “The Medieval Warm Period”. Vines grew right up to northern England according to Geoffrey Chaucer. So why are we being misled? Margaret Thatcher jumped on this bandwagon and played a role in setting up the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). She did this to justify her nuclear fuel strategy. Those events happened over a quarter of a century ago, and remember the UN has proposed a global carbon tax; is there a connection?
Alister Bredee
December 2012