Friday, September 14, 2007

How to Meditate with Joy and Effortless Ease.

For 15 minutes everyday, start with sitting comfortably. Breathe deeply and slowly consistently for the first 3 minutes into your belly. As you do this gently practice, focus on relaxing your body and just sitting peacefully in silence. Release any thoughts as they arise. Do not follow them. Just release, release, and release. Make it simple. There is nothing to do, and nowhere to go. As you sit simply releasing and relaxing, let your awareness soak up the pure consciousness that is present. Do not get caught in "how to's". Just keep letting go and allowing yourself to melt into the silence and stillness beneath the thoughts. Do not try to change, analyze or resist anything. Just practice infinite patience with yourself, and accepting whatever happens inside as you sit and let the body breathes for you. Notice any reactions you have to thoughts, but don't get attached to them. Watch ideas, plans, desires, past and future. Just be in the experience of "Now" and maintain a present moment awareness of the eternal "is-ness" that exists as you.

"Look within, see the Self. Then there will be an end of the world and its miseries." ~Ramana Maharshi

Perhaps these incredible benefits (listed below) may or may not motivate you to meditate daily. Yet, imagine what your life would feel like if you allowed for a few of these benefits to enter your life...

*The Physiological Benefits of Meditation:
- Deep rest-as measured by decreased metabolic rate, lower heart rate, and reduced work load of the heart.
- Lowered levels of cortisol and lactate-two chemicals associated with stress.
- Reduction of free radicals- unstable oxygen molecules that can cause tissue damage.
- Decreased high blood pressure.
- Higher skin resistance. Low skin resistance is correlated with higher stress and anxiety levels.
- Drop in cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular disease.
- Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing. This has been very helpful to asthma patients.
- Decreases the aging process.
- Higher levels of DHEAS in the elderly. An additional sign of youthfulness.

The Psychological Benefits of Meditation:
- Increased brain wave coherence.
- Greater creativity.
- Decreased anxiety.
- Decreased depression
- Decreased irritability and moodiness
- Improved learning ability and memory.
- Increased self-actualization.
- Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
- Increased happiness.
- Increased emotional stability.

* Exerpts and data taken from the website at:

Remember it takes no effort for your consciousness to observe itself. Just sitting still and quiet in a room alone is enough effort in itself. The ocean of being inside you is who you really are. Be present to its depth and this pure silence will awaken you and magically grow outside of you! There exists this special energy inside you that is always guiding you to live from this magical blissful place. It's found by going into the deepest and highest places inside yourself, and comes out in your life to manifest all the peace, prosperity, and love you can handle. So be very gentle with yourself, and let us know if you would like any further guidance or assistance with a one-on-one personal coaching session.

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Life is Truly Magical

Life is utterly magical! The moment that you deeply relax beyond your mind's agenda, you can feel it! This magical experience of life naturally occurs when we release all doubt, worry, and concern for what is ahead. When you trust that you will be taken care of, you are creating room for the magic to enter! Hasn't your life been provided for up until now? You've had enough food, water and shelter...yes? The more you can relax into this trust, the easier it becomes to FEEL this feeling inside. You are always being provided for by the Universe. It is always going to take care of you, so you can relax now and truly rest inside.

"A person returning to their higher self is like a raindrop returning to the sea." ~Deepak Chopra

Truly resting inside yourself will eventually free you from the incessant mind chatter. This resting within is otherwise known as meditation. This word "meditation" may have some convoluted concepts attached to it, so please unravel any misconceptions as they are revealed to you. Meditation is not about mind-control, affirmations, chanting some mantra, channeling some wild experience, or concentrating on a flickering candle flame for hours. It's a deeply relaxing, yet expansive mind-freeing playful inner experience of alert witnessing consciousness. It is not something you do, but something that naturally happens to you through relaxing into the stillness and silence within. This stillness and silence are the passage-ways that open the doors to this magical world around you. Meditation is that one golden key that WILL allow you to find that magical path in your life.

"The goal of meditation is not knowledge, but an alteration of consciousness. The highest result is pure harmony, a simultaneous and equal cooperation of logical and intuitive thinking." ~The Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)

Inherent in every moment is this intelligent conscious energy that is here to bring out our greatest joy and purpose here. Every time you rest in this intelligent conscious energy, the Universe rewards you with total ecstasy and freedom. To discover this, one must first quiet the mind. However, since the mind is wrapped in deep societal conditioning, constant information data input, and emotional turbulence from relationships, finding stillness can seem like an impossible task. So be patient with this process!! There are about 60,000 thoughts flowing through your mind in one day, which means 60,000 opportunities to find the gap between each of those thoughts. Finding stillness can be as easy as placing your attention on the gap between this word...and the next word, and holding it there. When the mind eventually stops, everything stops with it, and a pure silence spreads to every c ell throughout your body. This experience creates a place inside you of peace, and a magnificent surrender to the divine within, where you may easily discover the true meaning of your life. All problems are magically solved from this place as well as all disease and fear are dissolved from within the core of this deeper stillness.

"Love is the cosmic glue that holds our Universe together." ~Carolyn North's 4 year old grand daughter

There are two basic ways to achieve stillness of the mindbody. The first is through a burning desire to be still and the second is a constant awareness of the silence that exists beneath the mind chatter. You can alternate between both of these if you cannot decide. The key is to practice everyday especially if you don't see or feel any results. Beginner meditators usually don't feel results for several months, so patience is key. Meditation is all about the surrender of the mind and its agenda. It's about releasing your attachment to this world, your body, your identity and all the suffering that comes with it. It's about discovering something much greater inside yourself than who you thought you were. The wait will be truly worth it when you tap into your soul and get a taste of infinity. This is how you discover your magical path and the amazing peaceful power within you!

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The greatest peace and highest consciousness is inside you now,
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