Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Candle Blowing in the Wind:

"He came from Germany to work in property sales. Uli Alex’s background was quite different; instead he had worked in the fitness industry specializing in fitting out and starting gyms and fitness centers. He found his time selling property stressful and he went on to study the Japanese hands on healing technique of Reiki. He seemed to have found the right path as people flocked to him for healings at his home. In 2006 he decided to quit his sales job and had a plan of focusing the next two years on himself and his own holistic development. However, fate was to intervene and offer him a life changing experience.
It all happened off Maenam where he used to go “Kite Surfing”. In this extreme sport the surfer slides his feet into locks on the board and holds onto a kite that fills with air according to the vagaries of the wind and takes the kiteboarder scudding across the waves, sometimes at tremendous speed. On this particular day he set off from in front of the Santiburi Hotel and found himself dragged by a fresh wind and strong current to a point some eight kilometers off the Samui coast. He let go the kite and flopped into the water. A golden rule in this sport is never to release the kite because it makes you visible. He was now invisible and three quarters of the way to Koh Phangan! Uli is a fine athlete who has competed in triathlon competitions, but try as he could, he could not make headway against the strong current. He was to spend the next five hours in the sea. His girlfriend and other watchers were desperately worried as the hours ticked by, realizing his chances of survival lessened by the minute. He could hear boats passing nearby but he was too low in the water to be visible! Slowly it dawned on Uli that he was facing death! As the realization deepened thoughts flooded over him. He understood how his way of life had taken him away from the mainstream and his was a different path from the majority. With this thought “he let go”, he surrendered and stopped struggling. It was then that the current released him. Suddenly he found he was able to move and to make headway. He shifted his sights to Bophut and started swimming in that direction. It was then after five hours in the water that the cramps began to seize hold of his muscles, but by this time the Gods were smiling. He had passed his test and a fishing boat came into sight. This time the fisherman saw him and drew alongside helping him on board and then took him back to the shore. Instead of feeling tired he suddenly felt himself brimming with new energy. Naturally everyone was mightily relieved to see Uli return from what seemed to them a certain drowning.
On reflection he realized lazing on Samui was not for him. He still had work to do! He continued offering healing sessions whilst his clientele continued to expand. He realized that he needed candles to make his session more meaningful. The candles available in the supermarkets were not good enough for the job. So he went to Bangkok to learn how to make candles. His efforts were successful and soon hotels and resorts clamored to buy his products. He realized, too, that he needed a retail outlet from which to make sales to the general public. After burning his kitchen at home he elected to open a shop in Nathon’s Walking Street. This was an ideal venue from which to service the Saturday market crowd. He has since extended to join the Walking Street Market in Maenam and hopes soon to include Bophut.
To find out more about these lovely “Prometheus Candles” you can e-mail Uli Alex at or phone him on 085 471 6320."
This article by Alister Bredee appeared in the "Samui Gazette" of May 27th 2011. Candle image thanks to

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