Sunday, January 29, 2017

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A Cat Has Nine Lives: And so do you.Paperback – January 21, 2017

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If you can effectively detoxify the body, cancer, heart disease and neurotoxicity cannot exist.” In short by effective detoxification, 92% of all diseases are preventable. Cancer and Heart Disease are on the increase. The bottom line is we are individually responsible for our own health. It’ not your Dr. It’s not your Consultant, it’s not your Naturopath it’s you. Are you willing to step up and take ownership of the responsibility? This is a 9 step interactive guide to overall health and wellness. Its user-friendly style along with author back-up means that everybody can take charge of their own health and well-being. This journey is designed to wake you up and make you aware; awake to your own health and some of the steps you can take to preserve this precious gift. Many take health for granted and only get concerned when something goes wrong. Once a problem arises we rush off to a health care professional to have the matter sorted. Isn’t it better to make good health an ongoing target? Wellness becomes the intention and not illness. The job of "A Cat Has Nine Lives And So Do You", is to inspire others to recognize that different possibilities exist, are credible, and different realities can be created by living those possibilities which create a different awareness.