Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You really must be sure to drink sufficient water.

In clinical practice, I see a plethora of people with digestive disturbances. And now, thanks, to the QRMA I notice many have over viscous blood whilst scores are dehydrated. I was glancing through a medical blog the other day, and the physician concerned screamed out to the world that drinking more water as a tool for good health was a medical myth. This caught my attention as the contention was so lamentably inaccurate.
Most people drink insufficient water. Now, by water I don’t mean liquids like tea, coffee and juices, I mean good old fashioned, plain water. Drinking insufficient water makes the stomach too dry. When the chyme is churned over by the acid stomach before journeying onto the duodenum as part of the digestion process, it becomes dry and lumpy.

 Digestive enzymes from the pancreas are not evenly distributed in this globular mess of partially digested food. It is this over dry chyme, which then arrives, in the next step of the process. Secretin prompts the pancreas to produce sodium bicarbonate, which is required to raise the pH from an acid 2 to a lovely neutral 7. A bit like an over floury batter the chyme cannot absorb the sodium bicarb in an evenly distributed form. Pockets of acid hide amongst the lumps of digesting food. These pockets allow bacteria, that should have been killed by the more alkaline environment, to thrive and of course the acids interfere with the proper function of the alkaline base small intestine. This condition can easily be halted by each one of us drinking more water before a meal, drinking more water after a meal and more water between meals. As a rule of thumb, simply down a small glass of room temperature water every hour that you are awake.
Secondly there is the question of conductivity; this is usually measured in the urine. Minerals are metals and salts are bases with an acid content. Both are capable of conducting electricity. All the nervous system comprises neural pathways along with synaptic changes which are all electrically driven.

 If the urine conductivity is too high, it tells us that the mineral content of the blood is too high. This makes the system super excitable and toxic because minerals and salts become poisons if they are not diluted to a safe level. You may notice this condition when your urine is too dark. To balance the system, drink more water. Curiously, just by drinking more water can lead to the elimination of symptoms such as headaches. Dr. Batmanledj wrote a book about this called “The Body’s Many Cries for Water.”
 The opposite can of course occur, too. This slows down reactions and can often show itself by a low blood pressure reading. If the mineral and salts are too dilute, you need to take more of them.
The lowering of cholesterol levels has become a monster size business. Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance manufactured by the liver, necessary for various body functions. However, high levels of salts in the blood can cause cholesterol to form on the inside of arteries. Sometimes clumps of this break loose causing obstruction in the blood supply. If such an accident occurs in the heart or brain, death can of course occur. There is no need to take statins to stop this because they will do absolutely nothing to prevent the cholesterol clump from breaking loose, but if you keep the salts sufficiently dilute by drinking plenty of water the condition will not occur in the first place.
Train yourself to drink more water, starting right now!

Alister Bredee
Koh Samui
May 2013