Sunday, July 24, 2011

“Beware the Sodium Fluoride Myth!”

The official reason that fluoride was introduced into the water supply in the majority of the English speaking world post World War 11 was something called “Colorado Brown Stain.” This was a mottling effect of the teeth which is now referred to as fluorisis. It was claimed that people with this condition resisted tooth decay. It was also curious that one of the communities tested for this phenomenon was an aluminum producing town called Bauxite, which was literally owned by the ALCOA Company.
The idea of potassium fluoride supplements to counteract tooth decay was not new. It was first put forward by a German public health officer called Carl Erhardt in 1874. His findings were backed up by British physician, James Crichton Brown a little bit later.
The Great Experiment of adding sodium fluoride (not potassium fluoride) to water began in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1945. The nearby community of Muskegon did not fluoridate the water in order to act as a control study to scientifically evaluate the effects. In truth sodium fluoride does not exist on its own in nature it is a toxic by-product of the gas fluorine. The study with duration of 15 years was supposed to give a true picture of the effects of adding 1 pp of industrial sodium fluoride to the water supply. Curiously it was never completed because all of a sudden a rash of other communities wanted to join the bandwagon without a proper clinical trial. The FDA approved the process in 1950 again with scant scientific basis. How as this possible? Already people knew this was a toxic chemical and European doctors had been treating parents with the pharmaceutical grade to counteract the effects of hyperthyroidism. There was also some evidence from a chemist called Perkins who had been in contact with German pharmaceutical giant IGFarben that the substance had been introduced into the water in areas where the population was considered to be volatile. Was it true that the Nazis were using fluoridation to mind control the population? We don’t really know, but it is interesting to note that thyroid hypo function has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and the drug “synthyroid” was the second most prescribed medication in 1999.
It is now 66 years since this experiment was initiated and in view of the risks involved one would expect to see amazing results in the dental health of the countries that have embraced the program. Sadly bad teeth are not a thing of the past in participating countries like Ireland, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Sadly research has determined that dental health has declined significantly. Now the practice is also to add sodium fluoride to most brands of toothpaste. Many western products now carry a health warning stating that medical attention needs to be sought if it is swallowed.
In Thailand water is not fluoridated but thanks to the "Borrow Foundation" milk and yoghurt are. Beware dairy products and we can all stop buying fluoridated toothpaste, too. Fluoride does not prevent acids from eating away enamel and forming cavities. The best and simplest course of action is to rinse away the decay forming acids with good, plain water. Technically, water has a pH of 7 and this is a neutralizer. Sadly, most toothpaste contains glycerin which creates an oily barrier around the teeth themselves. This interferes with the calcium phosphate uptake in the diet from strengthening the enamel. How then, you may ask do you clean your teeth? The answer is amazingly simple. The best agent for tooth cleaning is good, old fashioned soap. Scrape your brush along the bar a couple of times and then brush thoroughly. The soap will wash away acids, and dissolve the oils that prevent enamel re-growth. It will clean the gums and sweeten the breath, it does not usually taste very nice, and so you need to rinse your mouth very thoroughly with water after the cleaning process. Don’t however; use liquid soap as that will unleash another set of problems.
This article written by Alister Bredee, first appeared in the Samui Gazette of July 22nd 2011


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