Sunday, April 24, 2011

I agree with this info below 100%....

"I dont want to take the time trying to "prove" what I am suggesting here.
I will let you do your own research.
However, I own a $200 electic and magnetic gauss meter called a "trifield meter" and I own a "Stetzerizer Meter" which costs $100.
Both are relatively decent and somewhat professional units for measuring high voltage spikes (stetzerizer meter) in the house wiring and EMF fields (trifield meter).
I was just reading through this website: and this website: absolutely astonished once again...even though I have studied all this material years before!

Anyway, I saw a video on one of the sites about compact fluorescent bulbs (CF) giving off bad EMF pollution and increasing what is called "dirty electricity" in the wiring of the house. Since I have a desk lamp (next to my body!) on my office desk, I pulled out my trifield meter and measured the spiral type compact fluorescent bulb when it was turned on and it gave off about 6 gauss of non biocompatible EMF pollution. I took the bulb out and put in a regular incandescent bulb, turned it on, and there was no reading on the meter, no EMF pollution. Then I did the same thing, but using my Stetzerizer Meter and the compact fluorescent did exactly what the video on the website suggested, it increased the "dirty electricity" or "high voltage harmonic spikes" substantially! And yes, these high voltage electrical spikes in the wiring inside the wall do in fact travel through the air into the body according to one of the websites I offered above. Please read this last line again.

Plus I have read or head that CF bulbs have mercury in them, so if they break this is a real danger. My suggestion...throw away or recycle your CF bulbs immediately and forget the bullshit about mitigating global warming using these types of bulbs, they are just another health risk (and I could get into the conspiratorial aspect of this but I will spare you!). I am not sure if there is such a thing yet, but possibly LED bulbs are available for regular lamps and such, not sure...

In addition, although I have mentioned this many times through the years in my emails, here it is again. Very simple, very profound...Walk into your bedroom. Look at your nightstand or any table or headboard you have near you while you sleep at night. Do you see an alarm clock that PLUGS INTO THE WALL? If so, remove it immediately and replace it with a nice battery operated clock that does not plug in. Do you have your iPod player or any other electrical unit by your head or body while you are sleeping? If so, remove them. You will sleep much better and be much healthier.

Recently, a dear friend said to me, "Neil you are preaching to the choir." I explained to my friend that when I send out emails about cell phone use, it is because I know how many of my personal friends still use their cell phones!
(Get an air-tube / hand-free! and use it.... doh! see shop page below )
Also, when assisting a friend of mine recently to put some powerful magnets under her mattress so she could sleep in a regenerative negative magnetic field, I noticed she had numerous electrical toys plugged into the wall and sitting on her nightstand right near her head, one was an alarm clock. Thus, I would suggest that these emails are not preaching to the choir, they are simple reminders to my friends that I am sure will go to the right people at the right time."

- neil (I don't know who Neil is but ever since I installed these bulbs in my house the electricity has been doing inexplicable things and this sheds some light on the situation.)


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