Monday, May 30, 2011

Major Customer Service Mistakes in Marketing

Never repeat the following story that happened to me, just yesterday.


Most disappointing experience in my adventures on Traffic Exchange circuit. With a lot of bitterness and heavy heart I must write about this.

I posted an article yesterday, praising how careful and attentive is Hilbert Gavel. Lesson, many should learn, if you are in marketing. Today I saw exactly opposite of that.

Well technically there is nothing wrong. However, what I want to highlight is the fact that this is what you should not do.

Soaring For Traffic, Hit Safari and Real Hits 4 you have partnered together to offer something called, Power Surf Central. For a user, I see all of them as partners to the party of promoting it.

I had some technical issue with Real Hits 4 you and I sent in a support ticket. It has been more than 4 days maybe 5 now, and I have not heard anything from them.

So I thought, I would seek some help. I send in a request, politely, opening a support ticket to people over at Hit Safari. Guess what? I was replied negative. An out right I cannot help with Real Hits 4 you questions here with a sad smiley.

No, don t show me that sad smiley. I am not impressed. I may be a free member but I was just about to blast the adverts promoting you three guys. If you are offering a Power Surf Central as a fixed feature on your sites, I believe you are in contact with each other. All I requested was to remind the people at Real Hits 4 you to look for my support ticket and reply to it. You refused to help?

Hmm. What does this tell me about the business model? About the customer support? About partnering members. What would happen if it was a paid member? Forget about it? Is it? No I am not a pain in the back side customer. I would be last person send a support ticket.

It was a genuine request for help not asking for resolving an issue. It was out right refused. I am sorry friends, these three exchanges are going out of my list. Out of my adverts. If you do care to spread good words, please spread this message too.

I am not being touchy or making mountain out of mole. However, an out right refusal of given situation. Well people may argue in favour of Hit Safari. I don t care. I did not get any help/support from Power Surf Central participating member site(s) so all the sites get a bad mark from me. Nothing personal. You slammed the door in my face. You even closed the ticket.

Here is the image of the Open/Close Ticket. As it is. No edit. You be the judge.

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