Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heal Allergies Fast with a Simple Acupressure Technique! By Alister Bredee
TAT is a swift and powerful means of affecting Behavioral Change by changing negative emotions, past trauma, limiting beliefs and physical symptoms quickly, painlessly and very effectively. It frequently yields results where everything else has failed. You owe it to yourself to take a close look at it! It is one of the most effective Behavioral Change Therapies out there! California Acupuncturist Tapas Fleming developed TAT or Tapas Acupressure technique. The technique based on Chinese Medicine involves holding certain acupuncture points whilst focusing on the problem requiring treatment. It came about a few years ago when the focus of Tapas's practice was the treatment of allergies. At the time she was using a treatment devised by Dr.Devi Nambudripad called NAET. This required the patient to avoid the allergen for a period of 24 hours after treatment. In many cases this was fine but in instances of severe allergy it could also mean the person was restricted to a bread and water-eating programme for a full day after treatment. This could be very stressful particularly in the case of children. One afternoon during a lull in patient workload she had an insight to use Urinary Bladder 1 to solve her dilemma. UB 1 or "Eyes Bright" is an acupuncture point located on the edge of the inner eye, adjacent to the nose. She found that if she used this point along with the third eye and the occipital ridge at the back of the head, her patients could be desensitised to their allergy and could then return to a normal diet as soon as they got home. This overcame the whole stressful problem of 24 hours avoidance. Moreover, she discovered it wasn't necessary to needle the points, merely holding them whilst thinking of the reactive substance was sufficient to bring about the required change. Then she stumbled upon something else that was to take the TAT protocol outside the range of allergy treatment and into a much wider field of application. Tapas was working with a patient who had a sensitivity to salt. During the treatment it turned out that she had been sexually abused as a child. Each time the abuse occurred, it took place in a bar. After the perpetrator had finished he gave the little girl a packet of potato chips. Potato chips or crisps are very salty. When Tapas used her new technique she found not only did the allergy disappear but also the causative trauma of abuse. Now she realised TAT was a very good method for healing traumas and many other things as well. The treatment requires the client to hold the points with both hands in what is called the Tapas pose. The practitioner asks the person to put her mind on the problem and maintain the pose for approximately one minute. This is repeated through seven steps. The technique sounds incredibly easy but the affects are profound. Tapas tells us "thoughts are real, with real energy!" "If these thoughts are suppressed they create negative energy patterns which impact life and health". In Chinese Medicine, the home of acupuncture, energy blocks are the root cause of disease. Think of the strictures as dams in a river. Above the dam lies a large body of water and below a mere trickle or stream. Acupuncture works because you place a tiny electrical charge by way of a metal needle, either below or above the dam and this like an explosive shifts the blockage and allows energy to flow freely, and thus balance is restored! Traumas and negative emotions are a bit like this dam. On one side is you and on the other the negative experience. The result is a block. Thanks to TAT we can free the obstruction by engaging it through the technique. This gives us an opportunity to see over the dam, if you like! The new perspective allows you to view the event in a different light and this will always change it in some way. Holding the TAT pose somehow integrates the discomfort of the past event and brings about peace and harmony. In the Tao this is balance and from a place of balance we have healing and ultimate wellness. This balance is the essence of Behavior Change Therapy. If you would like to explore this topic more, be sure to contact the Healthambit Consultancy.


It is important to grasp that people who are infected by parasites are influenced at more than the physical level. The parasites themselves are attracted to the individual through his/her thought processes. These processes block development on all levels, which means physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Parasites crave what they need and send subliminal messages to the host demanding certain foods be included in the diet. They also communicate feelings to us, which again are to insure their own survival. When they die off they send “death signals” to the body, which feels very depleted and sometimes believes he/she is also dying.
Feelings and emotions such as “I must allow others to take advantage of me” (a passive attitude) and “I will allow people to suck me dry”, are strong magnets to worms, flukes and other parasites. People with parasites usually have weak boundaries and find it difficult to say “no”. In all cases they .have self-esteem issues.
In order to get rid of parasites it often necessary to free ourselves of certain people who drain us. As we accomplish this work, we strengthen sufficiently to dispel many of the internal micro-parasites that plague us.
It’s hard to believe but limiting beliefs create an acid inner environment. Parasites adore an acidic environment. Once we start shedding old and limiting programming we begin to feel hugely better, but more remarkably the Ph begins to rise as we become more alkaline. These pests find alkalinity an unwelcome environment and start to leave of their own accord.
If you notice somebody grinding his teeth (bruxism), you have a clear signal indicating the presence of parasites. This alerts you to the need of a cleanse. Firstly, start with a belief clean up. Health Ambit Consultancy can definitely help you with this and then embark on a physical cleanse. All meat and vegetables have parasites. It is very important everything is washed very thoroughly before cooking . Regardless of what you eat, the more balanced you belief system the fewer “bugs” will be present.
The body needs to be slightly alkaline , sitting in the range of between 7.35 and 7.4 Ph. Once there it will better resist worms, flukes and candida. A herbal clean-out is the best way to go. This should ideally be completed in the spring, between the new moon and the full moon (a two week period). It is in this time that hidden vermin comes out to breed. It is relatively easy to kill adults but the eggs are the problem, so you will have to repeat the process several times before you can be assured of having reached your parasite free-state. Before embarking on the cleanse it is important you seek the guidance and advice of a health-care professional.
To complete the process you will need.
Walnut-wormwood extract. This must not be used by people with diabetes.
Ionized copper. An excellent cleanse that helps rid the body of tapeworms.
Cayenne Pepper.
Oregano Oil ( Take it internally in a gel cap)
Olive leaf extract. This kills yeast/candida, too.
Clove oil/ picture. This kills the eggs.
Thyme. It kills the parasites in drinking water.
Charcoal. Clears giardia and related pests.
Fresh juice: 2 carrots,1 stick of celery. Half beetroot, a clove of garlic and a pinch of ginger. Keeps you alkaline and clean,too.
Good luck and if we can be of any health, do not hesitate in getting in touch. We are here to help.