Friday, June 11, 2010

Red Alert: Insider Study on Cell Phone Safety Seriously Flawed

Today's blog comes thanks to Dr. Joe Mercola.I feel that this is a very important and yet ignored topic. Daily I see people with cell phones plugged to their ears, who are totally oblivious of the dangers involved. Yes, these phones are wonderful devices but they ned to be used wisely and with a great deal of caution.
"The Interphone Study Group did finally acknowledge the increased risk of brain cancer among long-term, heavy users of cell phones. However, the International EMF Collaborative argues that the study still seriously underestimated the brain cancer risk".

"They found 11 key design flaws -- for example, individuals using cordless phones but not cell phones were considered 'unexposed' for purposes of the Interphone analysis, though exposed to the same radiation."

According to Electromagnetic Health, other issues with the Interphone study include:

* Results were only provided for brain cancers (gliomas) and meningiomas, but not tumors within the 20 percent of the brain's volume irradiated by cell phones
* Risk was not broken down by gender, which may have obfuscated even higher risk of meningiomas in women
* The 5-year old results are woefully inadequate as a gauge of risk today, as adults and children now speak on cell phones many hours a day compared to only 2 to 2 ½ hours a month at that time

Eileen O'Connor, Director of the Radiation Research Trust and member of the International EMF Collaborative, says:

"Four billion people own mobile phones worldwide, many of those users are children. Responsible governments must advocate for public transparency of risks so that an informed public may have more options to exercise precaution".

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