Saturday, June 5, 2010

Health Ambit Consultancy reports: “Ted’s Tinnitus Disappears in Thailand.”

Health Ambit Consultancy is able to report how a ninety-minute session with Ted (not his real name) worked with EFT to overcome the strong guilt feelings that had been plaguing him as a result of what he described as “a trumped up sexual harassment charge”. Approximately 10 months previously Ted had been accused by a former employee of sexual harassment in the workplace. Although the matter never got to Court he felt his reputation had been besmirched by the charges. Moreover he felt sad and guilty about the situation. Although he wanted to start a deep and close intimate relationship as he felt lonely he had been feeling uncomfortable about going out and meeting women He believed his reputation would simply invite rejection. EFT had done a good job in quashing his disempowering beliefs around the issue and I felt the session was about to reach a successful conclusion, when he turned and told the consultant how he suffered from tinnitus. Actually he had been suffering from what he described as “a whistling in the years” for the past ten years. This disclosure was a surprise! Working largely in an environment where people come to fast and de-tox on specific programs that average approximately one week in duration time, therefore, is very much of the essence. Usually it is not possible to tell clients “to come back next week” because by that time they will most likely have returned home; generally situated many thousands of miles away.
We asked Ted to give a SUDS for this tinnitus, and he said the whistling was generally worse in the right ear to which he attributed an eight and a possible 7 for the left ear. Time was rapidly running out but it was decided to give him another 15 minutes to resolve the issue. If we had no result in that time, we would just have to let it go and suggest he go to see a suitably qualified EFT practitioner when he returned to his native country.
We started with a very straightforward set-up; “Although I have this whistling in my ears. I accept and approve of myself.” The reminder phrase was “whistling in the ears”. By this time Ted was familiar with the EFT tapping points so he was encouraged to tap on himself whilst the therapist tapped along with him. When we reached the Collar Bone point we asked him “What does this whistling remind you of?” He paused for a moment and replied “the break-up of my marriage!” Next, a second round of EFT was initiated using the EFT short cut process and we asked him how long ago the marriage had broken up? He said they had separated eleven years previously. As we continued tapping we enquired “how did the whistling in the ears remind him of his marriage break-up?” Again he pondered, so it was decided to go onto the hand points. He started to explain, as he tapped the finger points that at the time he had been very pre-occupied with his business and felt he had started to let his home life drift. His wife began complaining about his pre-occupation with work, but he ignored her, feeling that the business difficulties would soon be resolved and they could return to how things were before. On this occasion we took the SUDs again as we finished tapping on the little finger. He said he came up with a 4 for the right ear and a 3 for the left. On enquiring how he felt about the situation as he looked back from now. He admitted feeling “sad” and “guilty”. He felt he had thrown away a relationship and he regretted that because now he was all alone. With the new aspects, came a new set-up and a new SUDs. The set-up was “Even though I feel sad and guilty about what happened I am now open to new possibilities because I deserve to be happy.” The SUDs had meanwhile increased to a 6. As we began tapping on the face points he seemed to become visibly upset, which suggested the SUDs had gone even higher. We kept urging him to repeat the reminder phrase “sad”, that is until we reached the Under Arm point. Here he sighed and visibly relaxed. However, he was urged to move on to the UB point. This marks the end of the liver meridian.
This seemed a good place to stop. His SUDs level and the noise had completely disappeared in the left ear and was a lowly 1 in the right. This was astounding, as it didn’t really seem possible to have been able to make such inroads into the problem in only 15 minutes. In Health Ambit Consultancy’s experience tinnitus can be difficult to treat and can eat into several sessions without resolution. However, there appeared to be a definite connection between the tinnitus, the more distant marriage break-up and the more recent sexual harassment accusation. There was insufficient time to explore this connection, so we tried a 9 Gamut procedure in the hope that would completely flatten the SUDs in the right ear. And sure enough that was the case.
Ted stayed with us at the Resort for another couple of days. He did not return for a further session but when asked “how’s the whistling? He retorted reassuredly,” completely gone!” This goes to show what a powerful tool we have in EFT! In Health Ambit Consultancy’s experience it has straightened fingers, fixed numerous backs, removed the fear of heights, seen stubborn necks stop hurting and headaches vanish, all in matter of minutes. Thanks so much EFT!

Alister Bredee is a partner in Health Ambit Consultancy. He is a Meridian Energy Therapist, Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Health practitioner. He can be contacted at: or via Skype id: alisterbredee

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