Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Cat Has Nine Lives

A Cat Has Nine Lives and so do You"

Welcome to my new book. This is a pre-publication notice and it's not just a book. It's an interactive manual for healthy change.

"If you detoxify the body effectively cancer, heart disease and neurotoxicity cannot exist".

There are nine steps or lives.
  1. Kidney cleanse:Before we start cleansing the gut we need to start with the urinary system as this supports the digestive system. Pesticides and heavy metals abound and we need to eradicate them from the body.
  2. The mother of all organs is the gut. Most diseases start in the digestive tract. It’s really important to detoxify the colon, the small intestines and the stomach. How do we do this? We clean up the diet and cleanse the colon with colonics, enemas or our own proprietary herbal detox formula. You take your pick.
  3. The Power of a liver cleanse. The liver is the largest organ; it acts as the chemical factory. Although it cleanses toxins, it accumulates them, too. This interferes with the digestive process and backs –up to interfere with the immune system. 
  4. Cleaning the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help get rid of toxins. The primary function of lymphatic fluid, made up of white blood cells, is to fight infection. The lymphatic system is similar to the circulatory system, only larger and it does not possess a pump. That means it can get blocked easily. We need ways to clear it, so it functions efficiently.
  5. The Parasite Cleanse. Most people have worms! It’s is relatively easy to kill the parasites, but steering clear of infection induced by the eggs and the larvae is another story. We can be infected by our pets, poor bathroom habits, our finger nails and even door knobs. Dr. Hulda Clark believed parasites lay behind all major illnesses. It’s no good embarking on a five minute clear-up. This is a much longer tale which has been largely ignored by Western Medicine.
  6.  Cleansing Heavy Metals. Heavy Metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum and arsenic abound in this industrially polluted planet. Mercury is considered to be the most toxic substance on Earth following the radioactive elements like plutonium, yet it is found in fish, is used in dentistry and the preservative thimerosal is accepted as an anti-fungal and antiseptic agent; used in vaccines. Some claim it plays a substantial part in the current autism epidemic. These metals accumulate in organs and we need a method of chelating or getting rid of them.
  7. The Emotional Detox. This is arguably the most important in “A Cat has Nine Lives and so do you.”. Toxic emotions block the body’s energy pathways. These trapped emotions create symptoms that can be much more life threatening than any bacteria or virus. This “detox” helps you release the emotions. All negative emotions are related to the Chinese Meridian System. Once that has been completed we show you a simple and user friendly method of clearing issues as they arise.
  8. The Dangers of Electrical Stress. Today we are surrounded by EMFs (low level electrical magnetic fields). They come to us through our current obsession with EMF technology in the form of mobile phones, microwave ovens and computers. They are the source and the unseen electromagnetic waves that surround us every day of our lives. In this ”Detox”” we examine the often unreported dangers posed by this new knowledge, and look at ways to protect ourselves from what can only be described as dirty electricity.
  9. The Spiritual Cleanse.  This is a hugely important topic, comprising an area that many are blissfully unaware. We encourage you to step outside the realm of self with its egocentric certainty that we are all different. No, we are not, we are all “one” when everything is reduced to the bare essentials. The “Course in Miracles” informs us there are only two emotions, love and fear and everything else is a variant on the same theme. In my point of view it’s simpler than that. There are only two emotions, one feels heavy, dark, restricted, uncomfortable and draining, whilst the other feels light, bright, airy, breezy, open and easy. Which one of these would you choose? This “Detox” shows you how to make the “light” choice.
 Those are the Nine Steps, Now what?

If you would like your own copy of the first step. "The Kidney Cleanse", just message me and I'll send it to you

Alister Bredee author

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