Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What is th CoRe system?

CoRe stands for coincidence recognition. It is an integrated and highly customized information and energy medicine device. It works because it is computer generated. Effectively the heart of CoRe is a holographic random number generator. This tosses into the air, thousand of resonance possibilities. These patterns are contrasted against the personal experiences of a given individual. Call this person the client or patient. In this comparison random events give way to patterns. Nothing is significant unless it is repeated and forms such a pattern. It is a bit like Lorenz’s “Butterfly”, in which seemingly random weather events were able to produce a very definite and discernible pattern, which in this case resembled a butterfly. These informational patterns are compared against the symptom picture of the client/patient and like the butterfly something discernible and palpable emerges.
When we examine dis-ease states, symptoms fist appear in an unpredictable and seemingly random manner. German physicist originator of the CoRe system describes this as DLE or “Dynamic Labile Equilibrium”. Once the symptoms become deeper rooted they become more predictable. In essence they stabilize in the mind body mix and emerge as conditions such as high blood pressure, hypothyroid conditions and a myriad of other symptomologial patterns. Once they begin to root themselves in this way, they become more difficult to reverse. This is on of the criticisms of modern allopathic medicine. Tests only reveal a condition when it has anchored itself in the body-mind. For this to occur the condition has to be quite advanced.
In Kinesiolgy, the testing procedure developed by chiropractors, which depends on muscle testing as the testing medium.The muscle either tests strong or weak. A weak response indicates a problem that has been detected by the unconscious mind. The CoRe on the other hand can perform the equivalent of several thousand muscle tests in a few brief moments. In Kinesiolgy such a batchoif tests would require hours and hors of tedious repetition. Thus we see that CoRe is an informational tool devoted to making some sort of sense of the healing process,
We need to interpret the information thrown up by the Core analysis according to the operator’s own field of expertise. This can be nutritional, homeopathic, allopathic, psychological, chiropractic or whatever. CoRe is like the oracle. The system presents the information and the operator interprets the information according to his/her own specialty. Once an informational picture has emerged the system can then be used as an effective healing tool. It is not a medical device but it elicits healing informationally, energetically, vibrationally, auditorally or even by means of colour and light. This is a truly holistic approach to eliminating symptoms and dis-ease states. It is one of the most advanced biofeedback tools, which works under the aegis of bio-resonance technology available today. CoRe offers the power of radionics broadcasts that can work long distance. It heals by producing vibrational frequencies within the Royal Rife and Hulda Clark spectrum. Hand held electrodes expose the client/patient to the healing vibrations of the frequencies. It can also be used to facilitate EMDR psychological clearing in a powerful, effective and swift way. As an informational tool CoRe can evaluate such diverse problems as food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, levels of toxicity and homeopathic requirements amongst a host of other possibilities. Moreover, the device can also imprint information so as to make remedies in much ate same way as homeopathics are produced.
Anyone contemplating a programme that necessities healing such as detox or fasting would be well advised to experience a CoRe session before commencing and after completing to get the very best out of their healing experience. Alister Bredee is a Wellness Consultant with over a quarter of a century of experience. He can offer CoRe sessions and provide many of the remedies revealed by the protocol.

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