Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cholesterol Myth!

I see many people who are completely caught up in the whole cholesterol saga.
"I have been on a statin drug since I was 9 years old!"
"My cholesterol count is 225, but my Dr. tells me that it has to come down to 175." And so on and on.
Most people do not understand the first thing about cholesterol and by the same token it seems that most medical professionals don't either. Thia is a case where marketing has taken over from science and basic common sense. Cholesterol is made in the liver and it is a vital ingredient for overall well being. By decreasing cholesterol values you are working to undermine good health and not increase it.
Cholesterol is not a poison

* cholesterol is one of the most important molecules in the body.
* cholesterol makes hormones, including sex hormones
* cholesterol is produced by the liver and working with the liver it produces bile.
* cholesterol is vital for digestion
* cholesterol interlocks lipid molecules which stabilise cell membranes
* cholesterol is a vital building block for cell generation.
* Lowering cholesterol causes the body to fall apart.
* The real problem is inflammation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Cholesterol lowering drugs are a scam which undermine the health of the population
* This is another example where marketing takes over and gives rise to bad science. Oh, cholesterol participates in the manufacture of sex hormones, thus if you decrease cholesterol levels you will find your libido beginning to droop, too. Is it worth it? To find out more tune in to this blog for the next episode in the cholesterol myth.

Peace of I


Guppydas said...

Eagerly waiting for the next article. Tuned in perfectly :)

Anonymous said...

One should eat to live, not live to eat.