Friday, February 23, 2007

Weekend Meditation

Write this affirmation down on a postcard, preferably, when you have a moment repeat it to yourself whilst tapping on the EFT points. If you don't know the points go to Emotional Freedom and you can download them. On the same page you will find a link that will allow you to purchase Gary Craig's remarkable EFT CDs at a very reasonable price. They are well worth checking out!
" What you make you love, and must protect and defend with everything you have. So, what are the beliefs that you have made up, and are therefore proud of, and must defend? Perhaps the time has come to shake the tree a little bit, hasn't it?"

Adapted from Burt Hotchkiss

You can download the first chapter of my book "Full Circle", completely free. It takes a detailed look at the Meridian Therapies, notably EFT and introduces you to my Energy technique "Ambit". Here's the link
Banishing Fears and Phobias

Have a good week-end.

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