Sunday, November 4, 2012


This morning I picked up one of the few remaining hard copies of my book “Full Circle”, which was published eight years ago in 2004. When I read this today I considered up-dating the material, but then decided against such an action. As we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar on 21st December 2012 and perch on the brink of a US Presidential election, the results of which will be known for many when you come to read this; I felt the comments are just as applicable now, as then. What has changed? I believe there is today a greater level of awareness than there was in 2004.

“Many of us remain in jobs or situations or cling to relationships that may well have outlived their purpose. We grip onto these manifestations of the past, because we do not believe that life will support us if we strike out and move into new and unknown realms. 

Many know it is time to make a move, but lack the courage to take the plunge! Sadly the harder we clasp the past, the more it is we will experience all manner of uncomfortable events taking place around us. These trials are not there to make us miserable, but to wake us up and tell us the time has come to make the necessary changes and move on. When we ignore the invitation to change the knocks grow louder to catch our attention. If we continue to snub the warnings, they simply increase in intensity until a time comes when we cannot continue ignoring reality. Many of us are blind to the warnings. Instead of sitting up and paying attention, we blame circumstances or fate for our predicament because we are unaware that we can change the hurtful situation. Sometimes we can see the plight of others because our distance from the burning events gives us an objectivity that those experiencing the episodes do not have! Occasionally we can talk to the individuals in question and explain what we see. Oftentimes, however, the advice is unwelcome because change is a hard path, and many are loathe to come face to face with reality. For those who are open to new information any imparting of subjective knowledge has to be achieved carefully. Help the other person make this difficult transition with compassion and understanding. Assist them move to the next stage in their lives by adopting a supportive attitude. For anything else will be interpreted as criticism which can only be counterproductive in outcome. Show them the exciting new possibilities awaiting all of us if only we had the courage to embrace them.

As we move deeper and deeper into the 21st Century we shall find many of the old workings not working. We shall inevitably witness the collapse of many of the structures upon which the world is based. Leaders take their energy from the people who have placed them in their positions. On the July 4th Independence Day (2003), President George Bush urged the American people to celebrate the occasion heartily as he and his Government would be looking after them! Here he is playing the role of a strong father to his frightened children. This patriarchal posturing can trace its roots back to the days of ancient Israel and before. Many are beginning to realize this concept robs them of their power to be. A massive power struggle will develop because many of the political and business leaders will be reluctant to give back to the people what is rightfully theirs
Others have begun to question why they have given up vast chunks of their time and freedom to work in companies in order to progress up the corporate ladder. Particularly as they see these companies default on their obligations with casual ease whilst nonchalantly disposing of their workforces. Politicians put a spin on events to rationalize their hold on power. Lying is no longer acceptable.  Justifiably many are angry.” And we will see this anger erupt onto the world stage as 2013 looms ever closer.
In rather a different vein this week.  To find out about the book make contact through the website. 

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Abigail O'Donovan said...

Great post Alister, thanks. We weren't born lacking in courage, we were taught not to trust ourselves and the more we did that, the more lack of courage crept in. And yes, I am speaking for myself! I'm getting back to trusting myself, acknowledging my own inner wisdom and acting on it. I can't remember who it was who said "I had a great education; it took me years to get over it." It doesn't matter how long it takes anyone to unlearn what doesn't serve life, all that matters is that each of us do in our own way. Namaste, my friend.
P.S. still have your book!