Monday, January 9, 2012

Eat Right For Your Type By Alister Bredee

Graham Rowe was the General Manager and resident naturopath at The Health Oasis Resort on the ‘paradise’ island of Koh Samui. He trained in his native Australia and explained what ‘eat right for your type means’.

“Basically what we are saying is that one size doesn’t fit all. We need to base our diet on blood type. This is because the different blood groups profoundly effect body chemistry. There is an interaction between body chemistry and food.”

This idea is not Graham’s, it comes from work done by Dr.Peter D’Adamo who wrote a bestseller called “Eat Right for Your Type” which first hit the bookshops some fourteen years ago. Dr D’Adamo explains that because of the differences in blood chemistry, which is determined by blood group, some foods will be beneficial to some and harmful to others.

Graham maintains that this theory rings true in spite of a myriad differing diet progammes out there, because so many of the approaches simply do not work. He has found that eating according to blood type does perform successfully and what’s more unlike some other systems it has been thoroughly researched. “I am very impressed with the in depth peer review of this eating system and that the evidence supports the theory’, says Graham. “It appears to be the most rigorously scientifically evaluated diet of them all.”

“What’s more” he goes on to say, ”it works!”

Dr.D’Adamo tells us that it is perfectly OK for somebody of blood group O to eat like a carnivore and enjoy steaks and cuts of red meat. This, however, is simply not the case for those of Group A for instance, because they thrive better on a more vegetarian type eating style. I fall into this latter category and know full well that although enjoying a nice thick steak, I feel bloated and sluggish afterwards.

The trick is to know your blood group as many people don’t know this important piece of information. It seems this has proved a popular addition to the agenda and people received the information enthusiastically.

Clients come to the Health Oasis Resort for many reasons but the main one is to avail themselves of the fasting and de-tox prorgramme offered there. When the time comes to return to eating and ultimately leave Koh Samui for home these guests are taking with them a new way of feeding which helps them feel better and more energized. This assists them in holding on to the healthy benefits of their stay in a tropical paradise health resort. Many people return year after year in order to give their health a big boost of improvement and embrace eating patterns such as “Eat right for your type” with alacrity.

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