Friday, March 4, 2011

“Retreat Yourself”, a new health concept for Koh Samui!” by Alister Bredee

A new health concept launched on Thursday March 3rd. The island is world renowned for its “Detox Resorts”, a concept involving fasting and colonics that blossomed into being in the 1990s. We are now almost twenty years on and little has changed in the make-up of the programs that are based on a concept developed by Dr Richard Anderson and others. Don’t get me wrong, Anderson’s ideas are first rate and his thoughts on mineral deficiency need to be brought to the attention of all. Sadly, few existing Detox programs address the problem because they have followed the same format since inception whilst thinking has changed in this time. This paradigm changed with the dual launch of “Health Republic’ and “Retreat Yourself on Samui” on March 3rd.
This launch is the brain-child of Elicia Woodford who has been on Samui since 2009. When she first arrived she set out to study the ‘Natural Health Facilities’ on the island. She visited the “Detox Resorts” and saw exactly what was going on. Her initial concept was to publish a guide to acquaint visitors and practitioners alike with information on what was available. It has taken time but at last she is ready to offer her extensive knowledge to the public.
“Beach Republic “is the Resort known for its “hip” atmosphere and party lifestyle which now provides the setting designed to lure visitors into adopting a healthy mind set without embracing the boot camp ambiance of most of the island’s Detox resorts. The trend has been for “detoxers’ to go to the resorts for a week or so. They starve themselves and experience an inner cleanse and then move as quickly as possible to another hotel where “they eat, drink and become merry”!
People are not machines and in many cases poor health assessment procedures mean they are embracing programs that are quite wrong for their individual health requirements. Somebody with a low blood sugar condition really should not be fasting. There is this misconception that you have to fast to Detox. You don’t, and a light raw foods and juice program is likely to be more effective and a lot less painful. Secondly, the majority of participants join these programs to lose weight. A week without food appears to be a short cut to rapid weight loss, but it doesn’t always work. It is the underlying problem that requires addressing not just the symptoms.
“Health Republic” is not a Detox Center but a Resort where people come to learn new ways to a healthy lifestyle which is a fun experience truly in keeping with its cool image. Participants learn about the power of juicing and the delights of smoothies as well as gentle exercise techniques that motivate them to continue their feel good quest rather than giving up at the first available opportunity. Oh, and they don’t need to run away to another hotel in order to pamper themselves!
Those who came along to Beach Republic for the launch party were invited to sample the healthy fare. Look out for the coconut kefir; it sparkled like vintage champagne! There were demonstrations that included tai-chi, reiki, a chiropractic evaluation and talks on health assessment, Hawaiian healing and a juicing class. There was an all day steam room and shopping facilities were available where there was access to products including herbal supplements, delicious raw cacao and much more. The launch gave everybody the opportunity to sample some of the benefits that can be derived from this leading edge opportunity found at “Health Republic.”
The second launch of the day was the website “Retreat Yourself on Koh Samui.” This offers information about the island’s healthy services. It provides visitors with information of where to go and what to do to find the answers to their health concerns. Secondly, it lists practitioners, so at last there is a practitioner directory available and thirdly it connects Resorts to practitioners. Many establishments are on the lookout for competent therapists to best serve their guests but they don’t know where to go to find them. This website provides such information. To find out more about these services go to Retreat Yourself on Koh Samui
Alister Bredee is a freelance author living on Koh Samui. He is a health care practitioner (working with the amazing CoRe system to find out more ask about a free introductory session), trainer and a partner in The Health Ambit Consultancy. He also works as a Detox Consultant and Locum with extensive experience. He can be contacted via his website: Health Ambit Consultancy He publishes a regular blog at: You can find him and the Health Ambit Consultancy on Facebook.

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