Sunday, January 23, 2011

“From Hawaii with Love”

His daughter calls him “Aya Kiwawe” which, means “father” in the Indonesian language. He was born in Texas, went to school in Colorado, and then flitted to California before moving across the Pacific to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Scott is his first name and 12 years ago he decided to “go around the world”. The trip took him to Vietnam and then to Thailand. He came south to attend a “Full Moon Party” on Koh Phangan. He didn’t like the experience and gleefully came to Koh Samui where he intended to spend the night. He has been here ever since.

Shortly after coming to Samui he started to experience poor health. He has a background in organic farming, being passionate about growing food that is chemically free and it was then he met another organic farmer. This time one from Chaing Rai in northern Thailand. She is Ms. Ta and she helped him regain his health when everyone was saying he should go to the Dr and take allopathic medication. Instead she nursed him using Thai herbs and raw foods. The healing was slow but successful avoiding the ingestion of the powerful chemicals that serve as western medicine. She fervently believes that “most all diseases and complications in life are coming from unnaturally produced disturbances.”

They rented a peaceful property on the southern tip of the island where they established an organic garden and Scott was able to practice his chosen sport of free diving. In this manner he is able to bring fresh caught fish back to the table for dinner. This he feels is a “natural way to live… and the better it is for our own bodies and the planet.” Sadly, their natural Garden of Eden is about to be destroyed. The landlady has given Scott until the end of January to quit the property because she wants to profit from Samui’s ever expanding housing boom .He is bewildered by this blow and wonders where to go next!

However, before all this tragedy evolved, Ms Ta had long ago decided to go into business for herself. A few years back there used to be a small Sunday Market at the Spa Beach Resort in Lamai. She had a stall there where she sold local produce, especially good quality cold pressed coconut oil. Coconut oil had experienced a bad press for several years because the Soya Growers of America saw tropical oils as competition to soya. Their PR company contended that coconut oil is a saturated fat and therefore potentially dangerous to health. This claim has subsequently been debunked and coconut oil has recently been hailed as a super food with an assortment of health giving properties. Thanks to Ms Ta’s untiring efforts; coconut oil has gained an important place in the economy of the island.

The Spa decided the stall holders were becoming competitors and decided to get rid of the market. Ms Ta soon found a small development of shops that were opening up across the road from the Lamai resort and thus moved her stall to a more permanent home. Scott was able to advise her on the product line, with coconut oil taking pride of place. Ms Ta’s shop opened three and a half years ago and has expanded hugely; now includes high quality slow juicers like the Oscar and many other items including books. The acquisition of a fridge has led to the introduction of organic products and delicious cacao delights.

Their latest venture has been the introduction of low cost take home Detox kits. The packs include all you need to undertake a home Detox program. There is an enema and psyllium and bentonite come in packets so it is easy to make up the Detox drinks. There are also herbal pills to make the process complete. Visitors can easily take them home in their luggage and some people have eschewed the cost of paying for a program at a resort, having completed a Detox on their own. Check out this fascinating Aladdin’s cave of goodies where you’re next in Lamai. You’ll find it right across the road from Spa Samui or see their website

This article by Alister Bredee appeared in "Life" section of The Samui Gazette, vol 2 #1 Jan 21st-February 3rd 2011

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