Monday, August 30, 2010

My Health Philosophy

I believe that in order to be successful in healing we must look at the problem holistically. In other words we work with the body, mind and spirit. It is all too convenient to simply treat the symptoms, but that is not healing. The symptoms are a bio-feedback communications device telling us that something is wrong. Taking a pill to persuade those symptoms to go away simply disguises the underlying causative problem and sooner or later it will manifest itself again. Often times it will mutate into something else. All illness demonstrates the system is out of balance or “dis-eased”. All illness is a cry for action because it tells us that something is wrong. It is a wake-up call. There is a lesson to be learned here. We need to learn the lesson and make the necessary adjustments and then move on! It is my job as a helath care professional to help you learn the lessons which enable you to move on!

There is also a priority to healing. This demonstrates there is a hierarchy to the importance of the presenting symptoms. Treat the problem by not addressing the top priority is a recipe for disaster. Thanks to Kinesiology we have a tool to access the priorities and we use that tool to work effectively to treat the underlying cause to the symptoms. If you consult for a digestive problem but the priority test reveals the most important element of the “dis-ease” is emotional, then it is the emotional component which has to be successfully managed first. If we start with the disturbance on the digestive level it is unlikely we will be able to heal the root cause of the issue. First we address the emotional priority and this might take care of the entire problem and it might not. Usually when we clear the top priority something else shows up underneath and that tells us on which level we must work next!

How can these techniques help you?

I work in one on one sessions and thanks to the telephone and Skype over distance to treat “dis-ease” at root level and thus eliminate it.

How do we do that?

* I heal causative symptoms by first identifying issues by means of Kinesiology or the CoRe Inergetix System. CoRe is a computerized scanning device that reveals areas in need of healing in a remarkable short space of time. You can read more about both approaches on the website.
* When we have identified the issues in need of treatment, I will treat where I can using an array of differing tools. These range from……
* The Meridian Energy techniques (EFT, TAT, AMBIT) and other emotional clearing techniques.
* I use diet and nutritional counselling using vitamin a mineral therapy.
* Homoeopathy.
* Long Distance Healing
* Kinesiology.
* Chakra and Meridian balancing
* Radionics
* Rife and Clark frequencies and much more.
* I will give recommendations for diet and exercise
* I will refer to body workers and other experts.

After our session I will submit a written report by e-mail, illustrating areas that need attention and what specifically to do about them. To keep you on track, I will also act as “Healing Coach” where we make contact be e-mail, telephone or Skype to insure you understand the recommendations and how best to put them into practice. You buy 65 minute time slots which you can take all at once or break up on a need to consult basis. This would mean you can avail of short calls designed to answer questions and give motivation to stay on track, or a longer session if necessary. People go for a series of expensive therapy sessions which usually necessitate lifestyle changes. Coaching like this helps you make these sometimes difficult changes more easily.
Alister Bredee
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